Medical billing and collections is not just about submitting a claim as there are several steps needed to be done before and after submission including but not limited to the checking of eligibility, verification of all codes, checking for transmission errors, rejection reports and finally handling the denial’s in a timely manner. Your revenue cycle management company should be capable of handling all this and more to ensure the accuracy of your billing submissions and to maintain and increase your practice revenue.

Medical insurance billing and coding is one of the most crucial functions for a medical practice and it needs dedicated human resource and time for a streamlined process. When your practice cannot afford to dedicate the time and resources for medical insurance billing, it is essential that you outsource medical insurance billing to medical billing companies that can deliver outstanding results.

There’s more to collecting money than sending a statement

Typical medical billing services may offer little more than generating your medical claims and statements, but at Max Remind we utilize specific protocols and expertise to allow for the maximum reimbursement of your medical billing services in the most efficient manner with our comprehensive experience in accounts receivable management. We understand the unique problems of physician practices. It’s our business, so you can be assured of a long-term commitment from our expert support team. We take the work and the worry out of your medical billing and collections problems. Acting as an extension of your office staff, Mac Remind provides a flexible array of medical billing services to meet your specific needs.

Change seems to be the only constant in healthcare today! The forms you are required to complete this month may be obsolete next month. HMO’s and PPO’s may dramatically affect your practice’s earning potential. Does it seem the harder you work, the less you make? Max Remind can’t change health care regulations, but we can help steer your practice so you receive every dollar to which you are entitled. Do you review and update your fee schedule annually? As your revenue cycle management partner we review each of our client’s fee schedules by payor. All government, managed care, commercial payors-etc.

Dramatic changes in the economics of providing health care have created an increased reliance on healthcare contract management agreements, which has afforded Max Remind the opportunity to ensure that our clients are getting paid appropriately according to their managed care agreements. Gone are the days when physicians could simply trust that they were getting paid fairly and accurately or in accordance with your executed healthcare contract. The reimbursement rate is only one piece of the puzzle. Often times there are not only marketing, service and accessibility issues, but there are also other elements such as precisely defining what benefits are covered, stop loss provisions, various incentives and provisions about how members are counted and properly allocated. Healthcare contracts are legal binding documents which need to be reviewed carefully. Many physicians sign contracts without challenging or negotiating payor rates.

Today, many physicians find their medical practice or facilities generating expected or growing monthly charges but are not realizing the same growth in their reoccurring cash flow.

Unless specific and consistent active accounts receivable follow up on the current billings is initiated, it is common to find a provider with excessive amounts in medical A/R that are greater than 180 days outstanding

The success and continued growth of your medical practice management depend’s on financial control. Our job at Max Remind is to help physician practices of every size – from solo to large groups – monitor their financial growth through a wide range of accounting services.

As professional medical billing company, we provide a thorough analysis of your current accounting systems. With the professional resources of Max Remind supporting your team, we can offer a full range of audit, cash management, consulting and accounting services.

Insurance Eligibility Verification is more critical today than ever with the advent of the Affordable Care ACT. In today’s insurance eligibility verification reality an ACA patient can have insurance one month and not pay their premiums in month 2 and 3. Qualified health plans are required to pay all claims for services rendered in the first month of the grace period (eligibility).Carriers will spend claims in the second or third months, at which point the patient must pay the provider for service already rendered or pay their insurance premium. If the patient cannot afford the payment for their premium, then any physician claims pending during this second and third month will go unpaid causing an increase in bad debt collections.

Max Remind offers a full suite of healthcare denial management services that include Accounts Receivable follow-ups, claims status checks, resolution of denied claims, preparing an appeal letters etc. – all done with one goal in mind which is to collect all dollars due you for medical billing services rendered.

The process of provider credentialing can at times be overwhelming as well as extremely frustrating as the application process is very detailed. The slightest mistake can cause the application to be rejected causing delays in payments and frequently the loss of revenues completely. Max Remind can reduce, if not eliminate this possibility.