According to Medicare payment rule “a service provided to the patient should be appropriate and necessary”. Our in detail documentation templates makes sure that service provider is performing patient assessments and visit documentation according to Medicare requirements, so that no problem during agency audits and in billing.

Our OASIS validation function helps to remove all logical errors in OASIS form completion, which results in appropriate HIPPS (Health Insurance Prospective Payment System) code generation, Medicare uses this code to reimburse the home health services.

Moreover our intelligent system will automatically writes the visit notes on the basis of user’s selection and knowledge present in the knowledge base. Administrator can easily edit the knowledge according to agency requirements.


The keys to good scheduling in healthcare are data, analytics, systems, software, culture and management. In home health scheduling we normally consider the following parameters:

  • Required skill, work load, availability and cost of the resources.
  • Travel distance, travel duration and travel cost to the patient house.

In all of these examples, the need is to maximize the precision by which healthcare is delivered to match demonstrated patterns of need. Analytics, combined with systems, enable a schedule to be optimized against defined objectives related to the cost of offering service, the quality of the service provided and health outcomes, while also meeting defined constraints.


Are you facing a shortage of skilled care givers? Does scheduling floating staff eat up too much time? Whether you’re scheduling nurses at a hospital or trying to staff qualified home care specialists across group homes — you must ensure every shift is filled by a professional with the right skills, certifications and permissions. Our home health scheduling software suggest you the most appropriate resource for a specific visit by:

  • Calculating the work load and cost of the resources.
  • Analyzing travel distance, travel cost and travel duration of the resources with the help of Geo-functions, with respect to already scheduled visits.

In conclusion, supportive culture and management are essential to implementing any new system for healthcare scheduling. Without support from the top and from the people who rely on the schedule, needed changes will not occur.