Our home health agency software delivers the intelligence you need to support the operations of your organization. This increases the efficiency and the effectiveness of your home care visits. By calculating the workload of nurses and other important staff, analyzing already scheduled visits, travel distance and travel time and cost, our software can streamline the day to day tasks of intake, scheduling, and determine the most appropriate resource for a specific visit. Software administrators now have the ability to schedule one visit at a time or up to sixty days of patient care.

Our software is able to do this because it utilizes healthcare-specific business logic to perform functions and tasks. Our software also incorporates forward thinking concepts and planning which enables us to stay on the cutting edge of communication standards across different care settings. Due to the effectiveness of our decision support system, our software will enable your staff to meet the needs of their clients without overtaxing their workload. The software consistently and accurately automates this process to enhance every contact you have with referral sources.


Your business needs a home health software solution that can distribute and access critical information so that the decision to send a specific staff member to a visit will be the best one. The software does this by enabling users to manage workload and responsibilities effect, provides real-time data with regard to travel time, travel distance and travel cost that minimizes the need to use outside research. This streamlines the decision making process. The software automates and integrates personnel scheduling and appointment scheduling both in advance and at the point of care. This eliminates unauthorized home visits and enables administrators to consolidate reports and information on patients across a variety of services and setting. In addition, the software enables users to provide detailed visit notes.


With the increased emphasis on successful outcomes, you need powerful software that’s intelligent, collaborative and efficient to help both the field staff and the administrative staff to maximize their time and focus on care delivery and the best agency operations.

Our software applications empower users to share real time data across geographic regions and in a variety of care settings. Clinical and administrative staff can get the information they need to schedule appointments effectively and easily. This is crucial in a care environment where meeting the needs of the patient comes first. Users can focus on providing that care easily with this software. By utilizing the intelligent decision support system, our software improves patient outcomes.


MaxRemind Home Health Agency Manager conveys the sagacity that you need to run your home health agency. Our rule based decision support system helps the agency administrator in performing administrative functions like scheduling, resource analysis, revenue management, cost benefit analysis. Specially designed dashboard and reports helps, to determine the health of your agency.


According to Medicare payment rule “a service provided to the patient should be appropriate and necessary”. Our in detail documentation templates makes sure that service provider is performing patient assessments and visit documentation according to Medicare requirements, so that no problem during agency audits and in billing.


The keys to good scheduling in healthcare are data, analytic’s, systems, software, culture and management. In home health scheduling we normally consider the following parameters:

  • Required skill, work load, availability and cost of the resources.
  • Travel distance, travel duration and travel cost to the patient house.

In all of these examples, the need is to maximize the precision by which healthcare is delivered to match demonstrated patterns of need. Analytics, combined with systems, enable a schedule to be optimized against defined objectives related to the cost of offering service, the quality of the service provided and health outcomes, while also meeting defined constraints.