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Ambulance Billing Services

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Ambulance Billing Services

Ambulance billing is a difficult task to manage because of the frequent changes in reimbursement rules. It must be outsourced to the best solution provider having good enough experience with the ambulance billing. MaxRemind is a highly experienced and professional company in ambulance medical billing. We provide ambulance billing services to increase your revenue, to cut your expenses, and to enhance your compliance. Our medical billing professional staff and coders will provide comprehensive ambulance billing solutions as quickly as you required by you ambulance team.

Enlarged Benefits with Result Oriented Services

We proceed with each bill with complete transparency and keep all your records confidential. We use modern technology tools for your ambulance billing. We proceed with all claims electronically with accurate codes and real-time claim submission. Your revenue will increase many degrees and denials will reduce up to 90%. We keep you free from the billing worries and let you focus on clinical matters and we will handle all your ambulance-billing concerns. Our expert team will swiftly and efficiently process claims after complete review and entering of the demographics of patients and taking prior approval of insurance coverage. This step reduces the chances of denials and delays and increases the process of reimbursement.

Efficient, Compliance and Effective Ambulance Medical Billing

MaxRemind provides efficient and effective billing solution to get you paid fast and on time. We have developed billing software that will keep your work streamlined and fast. All of the patient’s information and claims detail can be stored in an automated system with ease and simplicity where the chances of errors are completely eliminated. Our expert medical billing professionals and coders ensure the correctness of codes and assure error-free coding for each ambulance bill. To avoid complications, our team take all steps as do proper documentation, take prior verification, customized your particular billing needs, proper follow-up of claims, provide round the clock assistance, and regularly give revalidation, enrollment, and request handling support.

Customized, Error-free and Accurate Ambulance Billing

MaxRemind exactly knows the problems and issues ambulance companies are facing while processing their bills. Mainly ambulance services are receiving only a small portion of reimbursement for the services they provide. Keeping this in mind, we take complete care of each claim at the time of forwarding the bill for remuneration. We make customized ambulance billing with error-free codes and with proper and real-time submission. As ambulance billing codes always tend to change, we keep our staff trained and persistent with all new changes in ambulance billing codes and other compliance rules.

Comprehensive Revenue Cycle Management

Besides all the above-said steps, we provide regular reports to view the detailed and superior financial summary to view the health of your practice. Periodical financial reports show the flaws in the cash collections process and show the steps to maximize reimbursement. To keep our revenue collection process stable and reliable, we follow up claims and communicate with payers to get a fast reimbursement for ambulance billing. Effective and customized communication with the payer is a key for a good relationship, further it increases the process of reimbursement.

Why Choose MaxRemind for your Ambulance Billing

As MaxRemind provides medical billing to all specialties, it also offers the best billing services to the medical and patient transporters. We provide excellent and dedicated services to increase your revenues and provide practice management services to manage your accounts as well as your administrative tasks. We have developed specialized strategies, denial management, and account receivable management to boost your revenue and give your practice success.