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General Practice Medical Billing

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General Practice Medical Billing Services

Medical billing for your practice is somehow crucial and need acute care of medical billing experts and coders. Insomecases,patients pay for the services they get from the physicians and they pay partial amounts. For the full reimbursement, all private practitioners must appeal to insurance companies. MaxRemind provides comprehensive and results-oriented services to all private practitioners throughout the USA. We have established a reliable revenue cycle management process to submit claims on the time and get reimbursement fast. We have arrangements to handle all claims effectively and to manage denials and delays successfully.

Comprehensive and End-To-End Billing for General Practice

As a professional and expert billing company and having the best billing and appealing strategies, we provide billing facilities to all solo and group practices even small or large. We charge flexibly very reasonable rates from your profit and provide complete billing and coding facility to your practices. We know that private practice medical billing must be as fast and efficient as possible. Revenues are required regularly to keep your practice running and to your daily expenses. Each service you rendered to your patients in your private clinic must be paid in time and MaxRemind keep these things into consideration, get your reimbursement fast, and complete.

Increased Cash Flow by Outsourcing with Maxremind

We ensure increased cash flow for your private general practice by accelerating reimbursement. We utilize the statics and web-based technologies for coding and billing of your claims. This process helps in reducing the coding and billing errors. Our medical billing professionals and coders verify each bill for the eligibility verification to avoid any delay or denial. We help physicians to verify the eligibility cover at the point of providing health services to the patients. We believe that election coverage should be verified before the appointment date to avoid any miss happening. The next step to increase your cash that is taken by our experts in the effective tracking of claims and receivables. We communicate with the paying parties to ensure the payments. You can keep yourself aware of the claims processed and cash collection by our automated web-based software. All these steps add a lot to your cash collection.

Highly Compliant to Reduce Audit Risks

We have restlessly worked with all specialties of medicine, medical experts and went through all rules of regulatory authorities. Experience and efforts of decades make our team develop such strategies that can save you from the risk of audit regrets and litigation.We have comprehended knowledge of laws and regulations that can help us to maintain compliance at all levels of practice and for all specialties. We keenly monitor all claims forwarded to ensure compliance. Our regular internal and external audits save you from all risks of compliance. Our software is full compliance with HIPAA rules and we keep it and our staff aware of all new changes in compliance rules.

Credentialing and Practice Management Help

Credentialing is the base of any practice to become enrolled with insurance companies and paying authorities. We provide the best credentialing services to the private practitioners of the whole USA. When you need credentialing at the expiry of your previous credentialing or whenever you upgrade your certification, we offer re-credentialing services. The practice management system is the backbone of any physician. Our integrated software is fully loaded with a practice management solution to streamline and smoothen your practice's working. Our staff will customize the services you needed and help your staff to automate all matters of practice to minimize human errors and efforts. In this way, you will see a huge cut in your expenses.

Accurate, Precise and Effectively Managed Billing

To get payment fast and complete, accuracy, precision, and time management is a must and vital factor. We ensure all claims are submitted on the time, with proper codes and without errors. Each claim is analyzed before submission to scrub any error. If errors are found, our coders and medical billing experts immediately remove them. Once a claim is forwarded ensuring no errors in that claim, we follow and track each claim properly until you are completely paid. Our vigorous and strong revenue cycle management system effectively manages all denials and delays with close and personal attention.

Make Your Practice Financially Healthy

Finances are the major objectives of all practices. You work hard and restless to get healthy financial gain for your practice. We work for you as your extension to get you paid fast and make your practice financially strong. Many practices face losses due to unprofessional billing. We know all the lines and lengths to pace your cash collection by accurate billing and coding. We bill each claim properly and with accurate modifiers and coders to capture every dollar against the services you rendered. We also find the weak points of your established practice and will fix the issues to get you complete reimbursement.

Modernized Software for Best and Fast Results

We have developed an integrated software to better manage all billing and cash collection tasks. Technology has improved to solve many problems more efficiently and bills can process at the same time with the same zeal and accuracy. By our software, you can keep a record of all related things and can save that for future use. We can manage all receivables and payments with complete reporting. All medical and financial reporting can be done properly and regularly. This software is helpful in all domains of medical practice.