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Neuropsychologist Billing

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Neuropsychologist Billing Services

MaxRemind neuropsychologist medical billing is best solution for the practitioners throughout USA. We have a specialized and expert billing team for neuropsychology billing. We know all complexities and requirement for this specialty of medicine. Neuropsychology billing needs to be furnish and completed in time for compensation management. We record all the details of the patients that visit your practice to take your services, turn that into proper codes and forward them for reimbursement. We forward all billable claims on real time with persisting codes and according to the HIPAA rules, so that you collect complete and comprehensive remuneration for the services you delivered. We save your time, handle all your billing hurdles, and give you enough free time to focus on patients care. We prepare proper documentation and appropriate follow-ups for the forwarded claims.

Neuropsychology Billing Software

MaxRemind Neuropsychology billing software is specifically developed for the processing of bills of this specialty. The software is very helpful in patient scheduling, billing process, practice management and automatic appointment reminders. The software is completely secure and safe to store the data for present use and for future needs. You and your staff can easily handle this software and can use it for practice management issues. Financial and medical reports are generated through this software for medical purpose and for account reconciliation. Our software is regularly updated and fully compliant with rules and regulations. You can easily view the exact location of your bills and can view the situation of your accounts.

Benefits of MaxRemind Neuropsychology Billing Services

MaxRemind medical billing for neuropsychology billing can give you more benefit than any other billing company in the industry. You can improve cash collections and revenue generation. We will automate all your managerial tasks. Our expert medical billing professionals and coders can accelerate your practice payments and will reduce stress. Our professional team takes real-time eligibility verification and cost effective solution for your neuropsychology practice. Our staff reduces your billing errors and gives them proper and accurate codes to get fast and complete payment for your practice. You can excess our team from anywhere in the world.

Increase Revenue and Reduce Risk for Neuropsychology Billing

MaxRemind medical billing company ensures you that all billing risks are reduced by our medical billing professionals and coders. Our specialists evaluate each bill in detail to determine the accurate codes to the claims. We know what code should be given to different types of neuropsychology treatments. Different codes are designated to different tests, therapies, and treatments and we allocate correct codes to each claim. We customize the needs of each practitioner and make strategies according to that. Due to our strict compliance following and regular audits make your practice more productive.

Simplify Practice Management for Neuropsychology Practice

We at MaxRemind not just provide medical billing services to your practice but help all practitioners in automation of their practice management procedure. We transfer all your manually handled tasks in automated form. By this, your extra cost of hiring more employees for managerial work will be minimized and human errors are reduced. All the documentation can be arranged properly and in an organized way. From initial point when a patient enters in your clinic, we can help you in managing their details in a proper way. We will automate all scheduling and appointments for your ease. By automation of the whole procedure, real time verification will decrease the chances of refusal and denials. With the help of our expert team and by streamlining your practice management, you can have more time and you can accommodate more patients.

Revenue Cycle Management

Due to our Time-effective and cost-effective billing services your practice will experience increased and fast cash collection. MaxRemind has successful revenue cycle management strategies that will boost your revenue and give you positive result for your neuropsychology practice. We automate all billing documents for comprehensive practice management solution. This step will reduce your managerial burden and will make administrative work smooth. We keep the whole billing process transparent and clean to avoid any mismanagement. Our professional medical billing experts and coders take real time monitoring of all bills so you can be paid in real time. All these steps are taken to improve your revenue collections and turn your practice into successful business.

Credentialing and Compliant with HIPPA Regulations

We know the value of compliance rules and regulations. We have made our software completely compliant with HIPAA rules and keep it always updated. Compliance saves your practice from many legal issues and you can work with confidence. We provide credentialing facilities to all specialties and enroll you with insurers and all paying parties. Whenever you upgraded your certification, we offer re-credentialing services to you. We know all steps and requirements for enrolment and credentialing of new and existing practitioners. Our turnaround time for these services is minimum as compare to any other billing company.