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OB GYN Medical Billing

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OB-GYN Medical Billing

MaxRemind has a team of medical billing professionals and coders those have great knowledge and experience about GB-GYN medical billing. Our medical billing professionals and coders are competent and expert of the obstetrics & gynecology billing and coding. We are providing billing services to OB/GYN throughout the USA for years with completely deliverable and reliable results. We deal each bill separately by customized strategies and treat complex claims of laboratory tests to abortion cases, or anesthesia for any procedure and family planning cases effectively to get you paid complete and fast.

Strengthen Your Practice and Streamline your Working

The monetary power of your OB/GYN practice is directly correlated to timely billing and account reimbursement. We have years of experience in OB/GYN billing services. Your OB/GYN billing company must have the experience vital to deal with the complexities provided by way of OB/GYN billing and modifiers. We have the experience, expertise, time management and complete knowledge of modifiers and codes of OB/GYN billing to deal with all complexities. An efficient coding and billing process by our team will give strength to your practice and our support will streamline your practice’s administration.

Complete, End-To-End OB/GYN billing to keep you Relax

We are experts in OB/GYN claims enchantment and will forward all claims effectively, precisely and in real-time. We do not forget our selves an extension of each practice we serve, and you can depend upon us for steady, expert and well-timed claims processing. We also provide you with expected reviews on your impression and are available to speak about your business at your convenience so that we will flow forward collectively. We have state of the art equipment to deal with all claims. Our software is classically fit to entertain all types and volumes of claims. Whether you are an individual having a small practice setup or a big hospital having a group of practitioners, our web-based software is capable to deliver the best and fast result. Our partnership with you includes educating ourselves on any contracts that your practice has signed. This includes claims deal with, denial appeal system, claims compensation quotes, capitation quotes, and any extra details precise on your exercise that can lead to more revenue.

Increase Your Revenue and Decrease your Denials

MaxRemind is delivering to physicians of the nation for many years, made them more productive, and flourished with the passing years. We know that a huge amount remains unpaid for many reasons. Our medical billing professionals and coders can track all underpayments, old receivables and they fix all-cash drainage points. We properly pursue under payments and delayed payments with proper procedures. Our billing software and a team of experts deal with all complexities related to OB/GYN billing because of a huge number of its patients. We can comprehend all types of connected services given by OB/GYN specialists to their patients and can get you paid fasts for all the services you rendered to your patients.

Wide-Ranging Services to Safeguard Your Revenues

Our offers are comprehensive, but customizable services, so that you can focus on your duties and we work for all other matters. The range of services begins with our exclusive software that makes patient scheduling and coverage confirmation easy in addition to ensuring all the state-of-the-art annual code changes are incorporated. By having our certified and skilled medical billers, deal with your claims there could be fewer rejections and denials. However, if any of the claims fell in pending we have a team of expert billers who focus on OB-GYN and are acquainted with the terminology and strategies, they may be able to quickly locate the issue and attract the claim decision, ensuing in a long way more bills being received. We have the main aim of guarding your transactions is our entire attention, permitting you to focus on your professional obligations and be freed from the massive paper work involved in medical billing, coding, compliance, audits, and so forth. We file smooth claims and control any rejections and denials, assuring that you are paid for all services rendered.

Fast Credentialing and Firm Compliance

We at MaxRemind better know the exact requirement for the credentialing of OB/GYN specialists. We have experience in delivering the best credentialing services throughout all specialties including OB/GYN. We will manage and arrange all documents required for credentialing and will enroll you with insurer and payers within minimum time. We will alert you by reminders when the re-credentialing time will come and will do it. We are very strict with compliance rules and laws and fully follow them. We keep our software updated with HIPAA rules and regulations and make compliance compulsory by taking audits periodically.

Fast Track Growth for Your OB/GYN Practice

We have a specialized and customized revenue cycle management for your practice. Our medical billing professionals and coders pay full attention and customized needs of your practice after assessing your practice’s needs and goals. To avoid delays and denials we take prior verification of each claim. Our coders perform chart analysis before assigning the proper codes to the claims. Your revenue can get a boost of 23-28 % by our billing and practice management services. We will collect the bills very fast because we have 98% claims first-time submission success rate. Our services are specifically tailored to meet the special needs of OB/GYN billing. We assure you that your revenue collection will increase, your overhead and effort will decrease, your work will be streamlined and your practice's health will be strengthened.