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Occupational Therapy

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Occupational Therapy Billing Services

Occupational therapy (OT) treatment deals with the wellbeing of physical, sensory, or cognitive disability in all areas of lives. Occupational therapy can help families with several requirements to recover their mental, physical, sensual, and motorized abilities and enhance their self-worth. Occupational Therapy practice needs timely billing and specialized reimbursement process to strengthen it financially.It is essential that your therapy billing company has the familiarity to handle the complications involved in Occupational Therapy billing and its modifiers.

MaxRemind Occupational Therapy

MaxRemind is the best solution for therapy billing to improve collections and Income through fast-tracked reimbursement and shortened worry of delays and denials. Our home-based system allows 24/7 approachability to your patient data and financial statistics. Our revenue management cycle is transparent and customized with a fully automated and centralized system. Full financial and practice management reporting lets you know where your money actually is. Initial evaluation of your practice is done to confirm the eligibility of claim before we move onward. Our Certified Qualified Coders ensure each entry to be errorless and accurately forwarded in order to get fast and maximum payments from an insurer and other payers. Our system and software are designed specifically to cater to occupational therapists precisely. Patient’s complete information statements generation and follows up is included in the service we offer. Full Electronic claims and electronic health record management is also incorporated in our billing services.

MaxRemind Specialties in Occupational Therapy

Automate your manual task by out automated, customized, simple and complete billing solution software application. Our Certified Professional coders are expert in therapy codes and process each bill without errors and with customized codes to get you paid fast. The home-based web system allows you to access it from your place with the simple touch of your figures on your own cell, laptop or tablets. Rule-based scrubber identifies any fault in processing that is immediately solved by our specialized personnel. You can view your patient balances and transaction history by our system anytime anywhere. Detailed medical and financial reports are generated occasionally as per requirement. Our system allows making automatic schedules and plans for patient’s every visit, record complete information from analysis to physical examination, and medications to follow-ups. Future reminders can also be managed by automatic calls and texts.

MaxRemind Cost-Effectiveness for Occupational Therapy

We guarantee you to increase your average return per claim much higher than any other billing company. Our unique therapy medical billing services are a complete solution with the lowest fee and no hidden charges. We provide end-to-end billing solution and take all measures to reimburse your claim complete and fast. Our specialized error-free recommendations improve your financial growth by many extents and minimize your extra cost. We help to generate and maintain an optimized professional credential to increase your importance, ability and to reach possible new patients. Our software has its own instant online checks for insurance eligibility to ensure the coverage and eliminate the need for paperwork. Revenue management system certified error-free prescription that can improve your practice efficiency and quality completely free of any charge. Outsourcing MaxRemind can improve revenue cycle management by Increased and speedy collections that are time and cost-effective and fully compliance with HIPAA and other law enforcement bodies.

MaxRemind Software for Occupational Therapy

MaxRemind has developed its own software to cater to each medical billing specialty to be the focus for real-time maximum reimbursement. RBS identifies errors in real-time and removed immediately by experts decreasing the risk of non-payments or denials. This software has considerably reduced the time span for processing and reimbursement. Medical Credentialing and retaining it with new development is also a unique feature of our software. Home health agency allows you to completely enter each expense of treating a patient at their home as well as you can analyze the health of your agency by viewing information of the whole agency. Electronic health record, electronic medical and financial reports generation and electronic medical prescription is a unique and specified feature of our software. It's a complete integrated, automated, centralized, customized and simple and user-friendly solution to all therapy billing procedure that is full compliance with laws.