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Pathology Medical Billing

Medical billing for a specialty like a pathology requires profound expertise and excessive experience to make the billing process successfully completed. For the pathologist, the desires for medical billing achievement become harder to obtain than any other specialty. Success depends on the medical billing company’s expert team that is well-informed with the compound instructions of compliance authorities to evaluate pathology claims. The standardized pathologist payment schedule must be followed by the company outsourced for medical billing. A billing company that has not enough experience of a broad variety of pathology billing will get it hard to trail claims. In adding, the billing software and the system of billing companies should be adequate enough for the more complex claims and coverage development required by the pathologists.

MaxRemind Pathology Billing

MaxRemind has proven a history of reputed pathology billing services. We at MaxRemind make sure error free cost-effective medical billing services for a pathologist. MaxRemind is an expert in complex billing matter of pathology practice as there is a lot of things to do to make a claim successful. Extra vigilance is required for pathology billing as it is the most difficult task that should be in accordance with regulatory laws. MaxRemind is the best solution for your small individual practice as well as for big health institutions. We also offer in-house medical billing facilities for house visits of practitioners, test charges, follow up fee. Our system allows for making future scheduling and planning. Claim scrubbing & rule based system of MaxRemind identify any error that occurs in billing which can cause bigger loss to your practice. Error free entries are made after scrubbing to make reimbursement of claim secure. We are available 24/7 for claims submission. Our revenue cycle management is fully aware of revenue-maximizing techniques. That in turn minimize the losses by zero refusal and denials.

Maxremind Expertise for Pathology

Maxremind Expertise for Pathology: MaxRemind is the perfect solution for your pathology practice as we do accurately on time claim submission which increases the revenue by many degrees more than other companies in the same field claim.

Error-free specified coding: our expert team of coders and billers do error free customized coding for each claim to make a hundred percent claim reimbursement assurance.

Unrestricted 24/7 claims submission: we are available around the clock for unlimited claims to be submitted easily and on real time. Fast claim reimbursement is possible by quicker and accurate submission.

Create a Clear Collection Method: An apparent collection process confirms the patients to be well aware of the treatment cost. We know the importance of establishing a clear revenue collection procedure and inform patients about approximate treatment charges accordingly.

Methodical denial and rejection management: we have constructed a methodology to deal with any denial or rejection for any reason. We detect the reason of rejection by our rule-based system scrubber and solve that issue with no time.

Full and Practical Dues Follow-up: when a claim is not fully paid due to any reason we make periodic follow up to get maximum output.

Patient appointment: we help pathologist in future scheduling and appointments by our software. Our system allows you to find patients appointment online and save your time.

Private health registers: Patient’s information can be recorded in the system software for further needs.

Appointment Reminder Calls: our software allows gives reminder calls and text messages for upcoming appointments.

Balance reminder calls: If some amount remains unpaid our skill workers do follow-ups for the remaining amount till the complete claim is reimbursed.

Maxremind Cost-Effectiveness

We make your pathology practice cost effective by revenue management cycle. Our automated, centralized software gives you online access to making claims from your own computers with ease. We assist you in your home based billing. We have an expert team to get your claims paid within first time submission by customized coding. We evaluate each bill and then proceed it with all of its requirements.

Maxremind Software

We have developed fully automated software for billing. Our software having rule-based system tools that having a scrubber to detect any prevailing issue. That issue is solved timely to make error-free entries. The software has fully complained about by-laws of medical billing. The respective rights are given to the different user of software according to their needs. Details are kept confidential and forwarded when required. All details are secured with our software. Periodical changes are made in the software by our team when a new improvement happens in medicine.