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Podiatry Medical Billing Services

Medical billing for the podiatry practice needs an intelligent and smart work to be get paid consequently. Two Greek words "poid" means foot and “iatria” means healing made the word podiatry. Thus podiatry refers to the medical specialty that deals with the identification, treatment, and prevention of diseases related to the foot, ankle and lower edge. Podiatry billing is one of the complex billing that needs specific modifiers, customized coding, comprehensive errorless procedures, and other challenges. Podiatry is a medical specialty that may be considered as the highest paid service if its billing is done appropriately according to prevailing laws and with accurate codes.

Maxremind Podiatry Medical Billing

MaxRemind is an expert medical billing company having a worthy track record in podiatry revenue management. We can give assistance to you in handling your podiatry medical billing process efficiently. We have a skilled team that is aware of all complex rules and strategies which insurance companies follow to evaluate podiatry claims. MaxRemind’s podiatry specific EHR accommodates to the exclusive needs of podiatrists and supports them in enhanced workflow organization. Our web-based EHR permits podiatrists to place all the claims professionally by some easy steps and also having many other value-added services without extra charges. Adapting podiatry EHR is encouraged by the regulatory authorities therefore, using the podiatry EHR will empower a podiatry practice to be HIPPA/HITECH compliant.

Maxremind Specialties in Podiatry Medical Billing

At MaxRemind, our podiatry billing professionals take all the required steps for claims from the first entry of the patient to the podiatrists to the submission of claims. Our web-based automated system allows you to access it from your own computers in your offices or home. After registration into the system and all demographic and insurance information are entered, our staff do verification for insurance eligibility authorization. Accurate, error free, and customized coding for each claim is made as soon as claim entered in our centralized system. Rule-based scrubber in our system identifies any fault which is immediately resolved by expert coders. The online cash deposit facility is allowed to patients and insurance companies through our revenue management system. Follow-ups and reconciliation of accounts are properly managed by the system until the bill is completely reimbursed. We give our skilled workers regular updates on coding compliance to increase collection proportion and efficiency. Modernize and automate your podiatry practice with our fully secured, simple and user-friendly software. We offer a comprehensive service with very low fee as compared to others and no hidden charges. Medical and financial reports are generated consequently as per need.

Maxremind Cost-Effectiveness for Podiatry Billing

MaxRemind has established a clear collections process by making claims accurately and completely by the first time. We input all the information correctly and double-check claims for any possible errors before submitting them to minimize the chances of denial or refusal. Our staff verifies the eligibility of each case as it enters into the system regularly to avoid claim denials. MaxRemind’s professionals communicate with the money providers if any information is changeable, incomplete, or unclear. Our automated system allows you to keep an eye on all billing procedure from claim submission to the payment. We promptly handle denied or rejected claims to get you paid as early as possible. We are busy to maximize your revenues and minimize your expenses by staying informed with all updates in medicine. We track all pending accounts receivable by proper communicating with concerning bodies. Our credentialing facility enables your practice growth by keeping your credentials upgrade for new and old patients.

Maxremind’s Software for Podiatry Billing

MaxRemind has developed its own software that provides Home Health Agency Software which is fully automated management process and permit users to manage and schedule visits by just simple touch of a finger at their systems like phones and tablets that are connected to our centralized database of the system. Rule-based scrubber automatically finds and resolve every issue that comes in any claim. Offline form filling and rule-based scrubbing is a unique feature of our software. Future scheduling can also be managed by it through proper call and text reminders. Data entered in the software is completely protected and securely available for further future use.