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Psychiatric Billing Services

Choosing for quality psychiatric billing services is a sensible decision taken by psychiatry practitioner. Many details are required when any case for reimbursement is submitted. Correct coding for each psychiatry billing is a central tool for timely reimbursement. MaxRemind is the finest choice for psychiatry billing solution to maximize your funds. We take all the obligation of your monetarization while you focus on your practice. Expertise and resources are needed to manage the service of billing.

MaxRemind Mental Health Billing Services

From previous numerous years, MaxRemind completes the distinctive term in the medical billing with its expert structure and team. We deal with all types of mental health billing services which include mental status examination, brain imaging such as computerized tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), positron emission tomography (PET) scan, blood testing and psychiatrists prescribe medicine. Devoted billing experts assigned to your repetition for billing dues processing. Lowest claim denial rates with custom Psychiatry. We offer best practices to maximize revenue.

MaxRemind Psychiatric Medical Billing Specialities

We at MaxRemind has proven expertise and resources to handle psychiatric medical billing for the individual as well as group practitioners. We are diverse in the way we deliver our services for practicing doctors and physicians

 We make timely and error free claim submission
 Systematic enrollment
 Faster insurance verification
 Real-time posting of reports
 System generated reports and timely updating of any new facts
 End-to-end billing clarification
 Low rate as compared to others in the same field
 We also offer to work on old account receivables
 Reconciliation of accounts with your bank statement for any doubts
 No hidden fees or opening charges
 Specific and customized coding to eliminate refusal
 Fully compliance with HIPAA
 Elasticity by means of using the software. Consistent forms of coding obedience
 24×7 customer service on demands

Maxremind Cost-Effectiveness

We start our work by creating claim second step is the submission of a claim. We keep focus by reviewing payment status regularly until payment is made. We do entry reconciliation for each entry. Timely and accurately claim submission of MaxRemind's expert coder chances of refusal reduced by a large degree. Overhead cost is also diminished and collections and profit are increased. Our automated system also lowers down staffing cost and physician can access our team by its own system without any extra effort. Our accomplished rules device retains everything in checked that is why we have the lowest claim denial rates in the business.

Our medical billing services has a full and appropriate billing methodology specifically designed for psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, and other mental health practitioners. We format and organize both your software and your practice workflow conferring to best practices, which improves working to maximize revenue. Finally, we assign a psychiatry billing expert to perform all billing functions for you as well as achieve and supervise the billing process.

Software Used By Maxremind

The software we used at MaxRemind is easy simple as well as web-based. Physicians can use it to make their claims submitted through MaxRemind by their own. This software is the best solution for your domestic billing procedure. Our online system helps you to manage complicated billing claims. Software is having the expertise to get you paid quicker at the higher rates. Customization creates the claims additional organized for acceptance from the insurer. Our software is efficiently eligible for customization of each case submitted in our software. Privacy and secrecy is our most important pripority.

Software is easily functioning on your personal computers, mobiles, and tablets. It works according to approved rules of HIPAA and makes psychiatrist free from audit pressure. Error-free, quick customized and specifically coded entries are made by the system to increase the rate of return.