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Preventive Healthcare Billing Software

The MaxRemind medical billing software improve reimbursement
by an average of 15 percent in the first month, follow-up on
accepted & rejected claims quickly and easily.

Preventive Healthcare Billing Software

Preventive Healthcare Billing Software sets new norms for greatness in patient consideration. It furnishes medical care offices of all sizes with a more noteworthy economy, improved nature of administration, more precision, and more productivity. Practice management software essentially allows all your practice’s work to be done under the preventive healthcare software. Our software assists you with performing routine billing, for example, scheduling, making electronic bills, assigning codes, and posting payments. It allows you to use the right CPT and ICD codes.

Tracking Patient Eligibility and Insurance Claims in Real-Time

Our software is easy to understand, and user friendly. It allows your billing team to get instant patient eligibility coverage for insurance companies, eliminating the need for paper transactions. MaxRemind preventive medicine software program tracks and deals with the patient experience before they even stroll into the clinic. Understanding registration programming modules produce electronic admission structures for them to round out before their visit.

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Precise Electronic Billing

Improved medical documentation, appointment, billing, and reimbursement for all medical care at home care agency are conveyed in our billing software across the whole medical services at home and clinic care management and clinician fulfillment through convenience. Our amazing administrative management solution deal with the intricacy of the organization's billing, payment, and other monetary perspectives.

Practice Management Software

MaxRemind helps accomplish strategies and best practices that can improve consistency, patient consideration, clinical and operational proficiency, and billing of your preventive healthcare practice. Our patient’s dashboard includes demonstrations appointments booked for the day with patient data and treatment details. This dashboard permits practitioners to view fundamental signs, shown in diagrams and graphs. It increases billing exactness by submitting to the right payer the first run-through. It rapidly distinguishes inclusion changes in your dynamic customer base and assists you with recuperating lost income and recognizes more insurance inclusion.

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