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Scheduling Document

Our powerful, simple and user friendly Home Health Agency Manager provides you with an easy way to schedule documents automatically.

Scheduling Document

Our powerful, simple and user friendly Home Health Agency Manager provides you with an easy way to schedule documents automatically. This high quality solution software helps in reducing efforts that are required in scheduling, invoicing, payroll and document management. Our Maxremind Home Health Agency Manager offers a paperless workflow in all the processes like patient registration, billing, plan-of-care documentation and reimbursement with its powerful feature of document scheduling.

Optimized Defined Objective

Maxremind Home Health Agency Manager is designed with extraordinary efficient features that carefully optimize the defined objectives. Our unmatched combination of insightful advice, billing expertise, intelligent analytics and continuous and persistent attention to details, enable us to provide exceptional, efficient and industry leading financial outcomes to our clients.

Quality of the service provided

With the help of Maxremind’s Home Health Agency Manager, we enable the administrators to check if a professional with appropriate skills, permissions and certifications is working at the right place and whether the required quality of services are being provided to the patients or not. Moreover, it also enables them to check and analyze the feedbacks given from patients, thus maintaining the standard of services provided by the home health agency.

Fulfill Defined Constraints

Maxremind Home Health Agency Software is easy to use and navigate. It is much faster over other soft-wares. Its main and outstanding feature is that this software is designed in such a way that it can be customized according to the needs and requirements of your agency, thus enabling the fulfilling of defined constraints

Availability of resources

Offering quality care while conserving resources is the biggest challenge we are facing now a days in a market-driven home healthcare environment. The most appropriate and perfect resource for a specific visit can be suggested and recommended by using our Home Health Agency Manager. It calculates the cost and work load of the resources and with the help of Geo-functions it analyzes and scrutinizes the travel duration, travel cost and travel distance, with respect to previously scheduled visits.

Access scheduling real time access across facilities

Some of the daily time consuming tasks for agencies like scheduling and referral management can be made comfortable and easy to handle by using Maxremind’s Home Health Agency Software. Many hours of the week are consumed in scheduling and staffing the cases. By using this software, operational costs can be reduced and time can be saved. Based on authorizations, special patient needs and plans of care, coordinators and schedulers can make and manage patient’s schedules easily. And these schedules can be accessed by home healthcare providers present across any of the facilities from anywhere at any time.