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General Surgery

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General Surgery Medical Billing Services

General surgery has much surgical procedure for which proper documentation and reports are required to be delivered for each case. General surgery billing needs extra abilities for a practice to be successful financially. Documenting complete patient information, specific coding for general surgery, current procedural terminology codes, and compliance with authoritative rules and guidelines make the claim strong for reimbursement. Payments from insurer depend largely on correctly entered codes by billing professionals. A simple and easy billing process can grow your general surgery practice financially and make you free from extra efforts for claim submission and processing.

MaxRemind Surgery Medical Billing

MaxRemind is the best solution to your general surgery practice. We deal with all categories and subcategories of general surgery that include surgery of abdominal contents like esophagus, stomach, small bowel, colon, liver, pancreas, gallbladder, appendix and bile ducts, and often the thyroid gland. All Surgical services rendered by physicians before, during or after the procedure are considered by our expert billers to be allocated and reimbursed. Follow-up visits by the surgeon to a patient in acute care or intensive care, are also included. Our expert team of certified coders effectively resolve all complications that arise in the billing process. We offer perfect billing services and make sure that you get maximum reimbursement for your general surgery practice by lessening compensation postponements and claim denials. MaxRemind is constantly working to keep you aware of any new change that arises in medicine and also trains our staff with all new technical improvements. Our professionally trained team has perfect knowledge and technical expertise of all specialty of general surgery and they do accurate, errorless complex coding of each surgery. We know all CPT codes and stay well aware of any leading change in that codes to do real-time right billing for you.

Specialties Of MaxRemind Surgery Billing

MaxRemind is the right choice for general surgeons to get paid properly and quickly with maximum compensation, where ever they are working. Our online automated system gives you the ease of contacting us for submitting claims by simple steps. Once a claim is entered in our system our staff verifies its eligibility promptly. When insurance cover is verified our coders place the case in the exact category by accurate coding. Exact coding and error free claim submission reduces insurance errors and leads to maximize reimbursement and minimize denials. Our role-based scrubbing tools help in claim scrubbing and identifying any arising issue. We ensure you to reduce your operational costs with savings of 30-40% by on the time and maximum payments from insurer and patients. HIPAA compliance is the core value that is strictly followed by us. Regular quality assurance checks and personalized periodic reports are generated as per requirement. We are available 24/7 for any methodological assistance required. Our revenue cycle management and claim denial management is perfect to get your claim reimbursed quickly and completely.

MaxRemind Cost-Effectiveness

MaxRemind give you assurance of cost-effectiveness by minimizing expenses and maximizing revenues by our experienced staff that knows how to do medical billing process. We do proper documentation of all bills invoices electronically, place them in exact heads and do correct coding to increase your revenue. We believe in time management that affects your practice positively. Timely and faster billing cycle enhance revenues of consultants and lessen their costs. A quick analysis of insurance claims to verify eligibility and coverage amount makes the efforts more effective to get you paid. Every service you delivered to the patients can be recorded in our system to calculate your expenses and reimburse that amount from insurer or patient.

MaxRemind Software

MaxRemind has developed its own software by the hard efforts of its software engineers. This software is the perfect solution to your general surgery billing. It's completely automated, integrated, and centralized software. It allows you to process your claim from your pcs, laptops and computers easily and simply. Our general surgery billing software has the ability to handle all billing problems to run revenue cycle more efficiently. Software having many salient features including scheduling, coding, organizing documents, generating reports and storing data. Adjustments and changes can be done in any data as per needed. All information stored in the software is secured and safe from any leakage. RBS tool is available for detecting errors automatically. Software is made compliance with existing rules and regulations, and amendments are made when new changes in rules arise.