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Geriatric Medical

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Geriatric Medical Billing Services

Geriatricians are dealing with the large range of health issues in which the patients are suffering from the passage of their ages. To deliver the best health facilities to patients, a consultant needs to focus on the best health services. It can only be done when complex billing of geriatrics is handled by a professional billing team. Only an experienced medical billing and revenue cycle management company can support you to maximize your revenues by decreasing compliance issues and increase your income stream.

Maxremind Geriatric Medical Billing

MaxRemind is the perfect solution of your geriatric billing, as MaxRemind Inc has experienced professional team with a customized automated system. Our completely automated software can improve your revenues in limited time. Geriatric coding must be specialized and customized according to each case, our coders after studying the case completely make a real-time entry with perfect codes to get you maximum reimbursement. Our revenue cycle management service comprises free access to web-based practice management system from your own system.

Specialties of Maxremind Geriatric Medical Billing

Our expert services make us diverse and flawless in the field of geriatric billing. We believe in delivering what we claim to be better in managing revenues on an excessive degree. Our medical billing services having specialties of perfect medical coding in minimum time. Our team evaluates each claim that enters in our system to check eligibility of claimed amount. This increases account receivables and decrease denial. We offer credentialing services for practitioners to help them find new patients to grow their practice. Electronic health records (EHR) system help to record and maintain patient’s data for any further use. Financial reporting is our unique facility to keep you aware of all transactions that occur in your billing process. The home-based system allows you to handle your billing process within minimum time and no extra efforts from the comfort of your own place. We are available around the clock and everywhere in the globe. Our team is dedicated to completely follow-up the claims until fully paid.

Cost-Effectiveness of MaxRemind

Cost-effectiveness is the first important aim of any practice. We are here to sure that we can help with your revenue maximization and expenditure minimization. Our revenue cycle management system is full compliance with laws and makes you free from audit worries and expenses. Your claims are forwarded with precision and carefulness at the real-time that increases reimbursement. No extra amount is required to hire a person for claiming bills of your geriatric practice as our system is user-friendly and simple so you can by yourself make entries. The home-based system is very helpful to calculate the cost of every visit to a patient and services delivered to them. As we are connected with many health providing institution, our credentialing service can improve your revenues by connecting you with new patients. Our revenue management is the best answer of your all medical billing issues. We keep our team well aware of new usual changes in medicine to deliver the best medical billing services according to rules and regulation.

Maxremind Geriatric Billing Software

After keeping all possible issues in view MaxRemind has developed its own software for geriatric medical billing. Its fully automated and centralized software having specialized and customized expertise to handle each claim perfectly that results in maximum settlement and minimum rejection. Rule-based scrubber (RBS) identify any fault in a claim submission rapidly, our expert coder and biller solve that issue immediately to get the bill recover as soon as possible. Electronic health records allow you to use the data at any time you needed. Many cases can be handled with the same accuracy at the same time. All information stored in the system software is safe and secured. Complete online monetary and practice inquiry reports can be generated online around the clock. Online access to all billing and dues handling data and Online coverage entitlement confirmation is a unique feature of our software.