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Interventional Radiology

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Interventional Radiology Billing Services

Interventional medical billing company requires frequent updating about records and coding techniques to evaluate each claim’s eligibility timely and accurately. As intervention radiology refers to the medical specialty that comprises executing a variety of imaging processes to find images of the inside of the body. These images help interventional radiologists to diagnose and treat injuries and diseases and help them to perform the different medical procedure as needed. A billing company after identify the billable radiology services must properly document and forward each claim with proper coding to manage maximum reimbursement.

MaxRemind Interventional Radiology Medical Billing

MaxRemind has great experience of customized interventional therapy billing to maximize your financial profit. Our expert billers and coders are dedicatedly available for you to make your billing procedure effortless and simple. MaxRemind guarantee you to maximize revenue and reduce cost by offering different services that include at the spot general practitioner education and training, Compliance, demographic analysis, Electronic billing, electronic health record, and medical and financial reporting. Our revenue management system has end-to-end billing solution through complete follow-ups and effective communication with payers. MaxRemind interventional radiology coders are superlative professionals in each subspecialty in the whole range of interventional radiology, including Neuro-interventional Radiology Coding, Interventional Radiology Coding, Endovascular Surgery Coding, Peripheral Vascular Surgery Coding, Anglointerventional Radiology Coding, gynecologic Interventional Radiology Coding, etc. our turnaround duration is minimum time with complete compliance of HIPAA and HITECH.

MaxRemind Specialties in Interventional Radiology Medical Billing

MaxRemind has countless specialties for interventional radiology billing that includes the latest innovative technologies, specified coding, all-payer related rules and grants, utmost altitudes of honesty. The automated system gives you the ease of claiming each bill with a simple touch of your fingers from your own cell, laptop, or tablet. Our expert professionally does coding of radiology claims accurately, in compliance, and to assure the highest reimbursement. We have skilled radiology billing staff with firm obedience to compliance. Our staff pre-authorizes each claim and forward that claim in real time. Rule-based scrubber identifies fault if anyone arises, which is immediately solved with proven facts. Our cloud-based system gives you access to all business data around the clock. Financial reporting gives you all the information you require for reconciling financial statement. Our credentialing facility helps you to promote your practice by reaching new potential patients. Scheduling for future and giving reminders through call or text messages is a unique feature of our online system. Our online web based home agency services are completely visible, accountable, and transparent. All the data entered in our system is fully secured and safe for future use and can be modernized at any time as per requirement.

Cost-Effectiveness by MaxRemind Interventional Radiology Medical Billing

We are busy to make your practices financially strong and profitable by modernizing our billing techniques day by day. You can know the status of any claim forwarded and operational balance at any time you need. No extra labor and overheads are required for the billing process, as our online system and application allows you to enter each claim from your own place simply. The home-based system can calculate all the cost of visiting any patient at their homes and treating them. Future scheduling through our system can streamline your practice and make your work much organized and profitable. Our same day and errorless claim submission result in minimum denials and maximum reimbursement. MaxRemind is billing partners which guarantee you to work smartly for pursuing each claim carefully to get you maximum possible compensation. Complete, correct, and transparent information about all related aspects is our core values that lead to fast reimbursement. Our team promptly handles denied or rejected claims and keeps in touch with payers to simplify complications with the claim and deliver information on current claims as they are processed. All of this can help speed up the claim completion process and minimize denials for the highest possible reimbursement.

MaxRemind Software for Interventional Radiology Medical Billing

MaxRemind has developed its own software that is available online and is completely automated, user-friendly and customizable for interventional radiology. Its cloud-based centralized system that link radiologists, insurer and other payers within a chain to make billing process simplified.