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Mental Health Billing

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Mental Health Medical Billing Services

The financial power of your mental health practice is correlated to timely billing and account compensation. At MaxRemind we have years of experience of mental health billing services. Our mental health expert medical billing professionals and coders provide an extensive variety of services to the practitioners. Medical billing for mental health is precise and often complex. This will ensure that sufferers and payers are billed correctly and that reimbursements are obtained on time. MaxRemind billing services, provide clinical billing help to mental health and behavioral physicians, including psychologists, psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, counselors and therapists organizations.

Benefits of Hiring MaxRemind as your Mental Health Billing Company

We work with medical doctor practices, hospitals and clinics in all states of the United States of America, managing with all aspects of billing from calculating outpatient intellectual fitness remedy boundaries to accessing documentation tips. We ensure Improved collections and Income, accelerated bills and decreased stress, 24/7 accessibility on your patient's facts and monetary records, distinguish wherein your money is, transparency throughout the sales cycle, and full economic and practice control reporting. We give complete security and comfort of understanding billing is being handled by way of professionals & reimbursements and earnings will pass up.

Expert Services and Professional Team

Initial assessment of your practice and account receivable is covered earlier than we pass ahead.We make it smooth to get started and we are dedicated to getting you paid fast. Our certified professional coders get your reimbursement. Our computer system and software program designed especially for intellectual health companies. We have full electronic claims and AR management and are safe and secure. We are considered sufficient to deal with multi-physician/multi-place practices yet small enough to offer the personal attention your account deserves.We make aggressive accumulating strategies with insurance businesses for your mental Health Billing and collections to maximize compensation to your offerings.

Accurate Coding and Precise Billing for Mental Health

At MaxRemind, certified professional coders submit claims electronically. We provide remote access to the whole demographics of your patients and cash transactions. You can view your patient balances and transaction records. We know the worth of accurate coding and make it sure to assign accurate codes to bills after their initial verification and prior verification of the insurance coverage. As your mental health billing company, we provide you efficient and professional services of billing as compared to any other billing company. We make your practice more profitable and successful than your own in house billing can.

Accelerated Reimbursement and Boosted Revenues

As an experienced billing company and end-to-end solution provider for your practice management, we provide faster reimbursement process. Our customized and modernized billing and follow up procedure increases your revenue with minimum time and you get a fast and complete reimbursement. We work for each dollar you deserve and minimize yours in house and billing costs. Our turnaround time is a minimum for all bills we submit. We expertly manage all requirements of mental health billing, coding and practice management.

Billing Software Solutions for Mental Health Specialists

Whether you are running an established mental health practice or you are thinking to launch mental health practice, we have the best solution for your practice and billing needs in the form of comprehensive and complete automated software. Our software can fulfill the needs of the large as well small health practices. Our mental health specified designed software will help you manage your entire administrative as well as billing task easily and you will get more time focus on providing mental health facilities to your patients. With mental billing software by MaxRemind, you can establish, achieve, and submit insurance claims effortlessly, whereas revenue collections will be maximized.

Comprehensive Practice Management Services

We provide a variety of practice management offerings for mental health specialists, which will be geared in the direction of simplifying your practice, including mental health billing offerings, live digital reception services, contracting and credentialing, and behavioral fitness. We simplify your sales cycle control through complete service claims processing, which includes complying with insurance agencies for any rejected or denied claims, submitting appeals, and behavior declare validations in our EHR machine make certain your claims receive a charge the first time they may be submitted. We also send statements to your patients with outstanding balances for co-pays and deductibles.