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Neurology Billing Services

Outsourcing for neurology medical billing needs most care and rationalization.Neurology medical billing can only be done with experts that have complete knowledge of complex codes and can make periodic changes in that coding. The neurologist can grow their practice by hiring a reputed billing company that can handle properly all of your billing issues on time and error free. A competent billing solution must have proper expertise for claims processing, revenue collection, and disbursement of funds. A neurologist is too busy to take care of their patients so they need a faithful contribution to resolve their problems.

Maxremind Medical Billing Services for Neurology

We have the ability to meet the challenges of the present era with well-resourced software and skilled team of medical billing professionals. MaxRemind provide solutions for all your billing problems, if you are practicing individually or working with the group of physicians. Our neurology billing services includes billing for surgeries, analytical facilities, and critical care. Medical coding by our team Includes assigning the appropriate technical and investigative codes. Accounts receivable process comprises of patient collection, insurance collection, and proper follow up on new as well as old accounts. Our complete range of services cover partial or complete paralysis, muscle weakness partial or complete, loss of sensation, seizures, difficulty reading and writing, poor cognitive abilities, unexplained pain, decreased alertness. MaxRemind helps to lower down your cost and up your collections. Your operative costs can persist fixed, irrespective of your billing prerequisites, and you only have to pay a percentage of your earning.

Maxremind Special Services for Neurologist

We have developed such a system that maintains your focused collections and lowest rejections. We make real-time billing entries with perfect customized coding. Quick verification and eligibility checking of claims made by our skilled practitioners increase the chances of success by any extents. Our software allows electronic medical billing that makes billing process easy and less complicated. We allow electronic fund transfer and remittance easy cash flows. RBS tool detects any error that causing delays and immediately solved by our expert team to get you paid as soon as possible. Frequent follow-ups by our billers and their communication skills leads to faster payments. The home-based system allows physicians to register their claims by themselves easily from their comfort area. The system also allows you to keep an eye on billing procedure to track the process. We keep your credentials upgraded and available to access for new patients. We work transparently for claims submission and reimbursement to make you free from audit burden. Our software is updated according to new changes that occur in medical billing. We help you through our software to schedule your future practice easily.

Cost-Effectiveness by Maxremind

MaxRemind specialized neurology medical billing services make it possible for you to emphasize completely on your patients by taking responsibility and we will increase your practice revenue gradually. We help to minimize your processing cost by providing you an automated solution. We charge relatively less amount for our services as compared to others in the same field. We make error-free, concise, flawless entries for claims to reimbursement of claims. We lower the level of refusal by proper follow-ups, conversing with both parties, removing all doubts that may occur, providing real-time reports as needed and proper coding. All steps MaxRemind takes to illuminate the chances of refusal hence your cost is minimizedand revenues are maximized.

Maxremind Software

Our software allows you to use it from your own personal computers with some easy and simple steps. Our system is centralized to keep you linked with us and also with the insurer. The home-based system allows you to enter multiple cases and many entries at the same time with the same effectiveness. Our scrubber makes the error highlighted and our experts solve the issue. Data can be updated anytime and from anywhere. The system keeps the data confidential and give access as required.