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Physical Therapy

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Physical Therapy Billing Services

A satisfactory and specialized billing company with complete integrated software for physical therapy practice is essential for financial growth. On time claim processing and error-free billing is the most important factor for the financial strength of physical therapy practice. Physical therapy practice deals with the treatment of disability, limitation of movement, orthopedic problems, and peripheral neurological problems due to an injury or disability. A billing company you outsource of your practice must handle each case electronically with customized and specified codes to maximize reimbursement.

MaxRemind Physical Therapy Billing Services

MaxRemind is a verified solution for the growth of your physical therapy practice that gives you complete automated assistance and customized billing way out. Our end-to-end medical billing services medical billing services considerably improve the financial strength of the therapist's practice. Our cloud-based system and services give complete satisfaction to our clients and make them free from worries of regulator challenges by keeping them aware of all new and rapid improvements in the medical industry. Our specified online system along with mobile application serves as a complete answer of practitioners to improve their financial presentation and eventually convert their medical practice in the flourishing activity. Through our EHR and practice management system claims are daily submitted and forwarded with complete follow-up to ensure fast reimbursement. Rule-based scrubber identifies any fault that arises in the claim and immediately solved by our skilled billers with transparent data development. We regularly update our automated system and train our staff with new amendments to full fill all needs of compliance. We have a system to manage the denial and refusal of claims with error free and real-time claim submission and complete follow-up techniques.

MaxRemind Specialties in Physical Therapy Medical Billing

MaxRemind medical billing team has numerous and customized specialties in the field of billing for each medical specialty. We have trained and skilled professional billers and coders to analyze the eligibility of claim at the time when an entry come in our system before forwarding it to the payers. This pre-action minimizes the chances of denial and delay and makes maximum reimbursement promising. Physical therapy treatment can also be given to the patient at their own home. Our home-based agency system allows you to evaluate all costs of visiting patients and treatment given to them. Online system and application is fully integrated, web-based and centralized system is simple, easy and user-friendly. The billing activity report is generated periodically to view all billing activities and payments. We are available 24/7 and are busy continually updating the rule-based system to stay compliant with new changes in the medical industry. Future planning and scheduling can also be done easily and reminders can be given by calls and text to patients. Balance reminders call are managed by our experts to receive get your full payment.

MaxRemind’s Cost-Effectiveness for Physical Therapy Medical Billing

The MaxRemind track record shows that our services guarantee you to maximize your practice profit and minimize cost by our revenue management system. An online system developed by our expert makes your work easy and you can enter any claim in our centralized system by a simple touch of your figure. As soon as an entry come in our system, our skilled staff instantly process that claim without any error and with perfect code. Comprehensive online financial and medical reports are generated to keep you aware of your financial status. We make transparency and security of the data of patients and practitioners assure that enter our system. All required details and facts are given the right way to minimize the chances of refusal of any claim. Old balances of payments and receivable accounts are also handled by our team effectively.

MaxRemind’s Software for Physical Therapy Billing

We have designed and developed specialized billing software for physical therapy billing. Automated and customized coding for physical therapy billing is a unique feature of our software that lessens the chances of claim rejection due to a coding error. It is fully integrated and compliance with HIPAA and other authoritative rules.