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Medical Billing

Practitioners devote decades to perfect their expertise in the field and maintain a trustworthy practice while keeping themselves up-to-date with all the advancements in the field...


Medical Credentialing is the process of enrollment of physicians and healthcare facilities with insurance companies. Gone are the days when Medical credentialing was...

Home Health Software

Many people entail consistent medical treatment at their homes for which a medical billing company needs home health software solution that can distribute and access critical...

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Medical Billing

Medical billing is the process which encompasses the submission and following up on Medical claims with the Health insurance companies, to get payment for the Medical services provided by the Healthcare Provider. Maxremind has been providing Medical Billing services to the Healthcare Professionals, Clinics and Hospital for over four decades. Maxremind serves as a channel between the healthcare provider and insurance company.The Healthcare providers send a bill Itemizing the health services provided to the patient, Maxremind checks the Local Coverage Determination criteria for each Diagnosis Code and Procedure code, and send the clean claim to the health insurance company for payment.

Provider Portal

Maxremind provides a secure web-based application.Its an easy access to get an insight of your practice parameters at..

Patient Billing

The Patient Billing is another feature in Medical Billing. It contains the ability to submit and follow-up...

DA Manager

Maxremind provides the Claim Manager Track process of every claim and procedure effectively through...

Electronic Billing

Maxremind, which is one of the largest electronically connected vendor with all payers has the capability...

EFT Setup with all Payers

The Electronic file transfer has been provided at Maxremind. It’s a simplest method for receiving...

Claims Scrubber and RBS

Maxremind offers its clients a front-end solution with a robust data model and modern technology...


Maxremind covers inclusive list of specialties Globally at least 8 divergent community/ territory at last count .


Credentialing also termed as medical provider or physician credentialing, which refers to a thorough examination; that evaluates doctor’s qualifications, career history and proven skills including their education, training, residency and licenses, as well as any Certificate of specialization. The credentialing process is used by healthcare providers and medical groups as part of their hiring process and by health insurance companies to allow the provider to work within the network.

provider credentialing

Credentialing, also termed as medical, provider or physician...

Credentialing Process Time

At Maxremind Inc. full service credentialing solution...

Document Management

After arranging files in an alphabetical order in the office...

Credentialing Services

CAQH is “Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare” and the provider...

Collect Updated Information

We, at the Maxremind Inc. are focused on the collection of...


Rules can be defined for all staff and staff with specific...

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Home Health Software

Home Health Care Management is all about patient and aftercare management process. Home Health Care management is a challenging process as it necessitates detailed record management of patient which increases the workload for service providers. Maxremind provides Home Health Agency Software which automates management process and allow Service providers to fill up long detailed visit forms just by touch of finger at IPAD and TABLETS that are connected to centralized database of agency. MaxRemind HHA Software prominent features like scheduling, offline form filling, offline RBS provide ease in visits, to SKNs and Therapists to focus on their primary tasks rather than being distorted by filling up the manual forms. Service providers automate every process needed in home health care. Home health scheduler is a vital gatekeeper in home health to produce positive outcomes for the agency and patients. It provides the scheduling and coordination of daily schedules. With Home Health Agency Scheduler of Maxremind you can Schedule up to sixty days of Patient care.