MaxRemind is a leading provider of innovative health information systems and services that transform the administrative and clinical operations of healthcare organizations of all sizes.

Our award-winning solutions simplify decision making, streamline operations, and ensure compliance with industry standards and best practices; ultimately saving time and effort to maximize value and returns.

MaxRemind is a family-owned company that has been operating for 10 years and servicing over 100 physicians nationally. We get you paid faster and easier. There’s no more worrying about costly employee benefits and salaries, absences, employee turnover, continuing education and claims/statement mailing costs. We work to outsource your billing process to increase revenue and slash administrative costs for our clients. As a full-service medical billing firm, we handle all aspects of the collections, A/R, and claims submission process.

We are proud to be a U.S. based medical billing company where we believe our job is to help healthcare providers thrive and be financially successful. We spend all of our time thinking of ways to solve the revenue cycle management problems you have, and dedicated many years of billing experience to making the most of every service you provide. We serve several medical specialties and it’s likely we have significant experience working with your area of medicine. MaxRemind makes its clients lives easier by being accessible, simple to set-up and directly integrated with your state’s health services plan.

Our mission is to simplify medical billing by providing precise and professional service that surpasses expectations. Medical Billing is the life line of your practice. As billing experts, we strive to provide our clients with up to date, technology, security, and billing/coding guidelines. Our clients receive cost-effective solutions to achieve their Medical Billing goals. Our affordable rates and exceptional service make MaxRemind an excellent choice, regardless of practice size or specialty.