MaxRemind Incorporation provides state of the art Home Health Software to automate nearly every process needed in home care – ranging from clinicals (i.e. point-of-care records) to billing, scheduling, and accounting. Our Cloud based Home Health Solution equipped with iPad connectivity get you through the Home Health Care Outcome & Assessment Information Set (OASIS) – while keeping patient data secure and HIPAA compliant. We provide electronic verification and claim filing for all payers.

For Home Health Agencies – with significantly reduced cost – our IT platform provides Timely change management adaptations, effortless Medicare audits (with predicable outcomes) and greater and timelier revenue. Our Cloud based home care software solutions provide convenient access to patient data from mobile devices, such as an iPad, iPhone, or Android. This improves your efficiency and reduces paperwork by helping you complete assessments directly at the point of care.

Given the prevalence of mobile devices, our point-of-care system automatically generates Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA) forms following completion of an OASIS so that payment from Medicare is assured.


MaxRemind Cloud based Home Health Solution equipped with iPad connectivity get you through the home health visit documentation – while keeping patient data secure and HIPAA compliant.

Our native home care iPad app provide convenient access to patient data at patient home, you can also access our cloud based home health solution from any device. This improves your efficiency and reduces paperwork by helping you complete assessments directly at the point of care.

In detail documentation templates of each visit type makes sure, you cover every aspect of patient care according to Medicare requirements. Documentation is also made easy, with the help of rule based system, which follows the user input and writes visit notes accordingly.

This app will enable you to provide quality care in the most cost-effective manner. With it, users can automate and document details of each visit and have that information sync with the software automatically. Additionally, the ease of use of our app enables users to add in expert reporting standards, eliminates unnecessary administrative work, and allows staff to focus on patient care with each and every visit.


Our Home Health Agency Management Software allows (Request for Anticipated Payment) RAP at the day of admission thus saving precious revenue lag time. Its fully integrated design eliminates use of coders saving up to 6% of revenue. With its built in compliance features, need of expensive consultants is eliminated – saving significant amount of money and resource training time. Reimbursement for supplies used is compliant, documented and managed. Fully documented ‘supply’ costs significantly increase likelihood of reimbursements.


Integrated Google Maps provides accurate mileage data thus saving time and reimbursement cost. Geo-location feature provides accurate time eliminating Medicare delay in reimbursements. Moreover, Real-time communication ability of our system delivers real-time assistance during triage.

Our Home Health Software Solution – based on latest IT technology – makes management of your home health agency easier by providing every minute cost and revenue analysis and keeps you well-informed about the performance of your home health agency.


Our home health agency software delivers the intelligence you need to support the operations of your organization. This increases the efficiency and the effectiveness of your home care visits. By calculating the workload of nurses and other important staff, analyzing already scheduled visits, travel distance and travel time and cost, our software can streamline the day to day tasks of intake, scheduling, and determine the most appropriate resource for a specific visit.


MaxRemind Home Health Agency Manager conveys the sagacity that you need to run your home health agency. Our rule based decision support system helps the agency administrator in performing administrative functions like scheduling, resource analysis, revenue management, cost benefit analysis. Specially designed dashboard and reports helps, to determine the health of your agency.


According to Medicare payment rule “a service provided to the patient should be appropriate and necessary”. Our in detail documentation templates makes sure that service provider is performing patient assessments and visit documentation according to Medicare requirements, so that no problem during agency audits and in billing.