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Your Allergy Medical Billing Services Company Should be as Accurate as your Practice

MaxRemind, operates as a highly advanced Allergy medical billing consultant and an Allergy billing company based in USA, assisting Allergists with our 20 years of allergy medical billing and credentialing knowledge. As your allergy billing consultants, MaxRemimd Inc. will use the most advanced, and up-to-date Allergy medical billing software and tools to increase Allergists revenue. Being part of the growing medical billing community within the USA, MaxRemind Inc takes pride in working with other healthcare specialties to expand their practice network and fulfill their medical billing and credentialing needs.

With over 50+ Allergist clients and 300 medical billing professional employees, MaxRemind has been one of the fastest growing companies in the USA in a row and one of the fastest growing allergy billing companies in the nation for 10 years in a row.

Best Allergy Medical Billing Company for Allergists in USA

MaxRemind is an Us-based Allergy medical billing company that provides expert Allergy billing services to small and large size Allergists, clinics, and hospital facilities. Our team of medical billing experts is made up of highly skilled and certified professionals who have years of experience working in the field of allergy medical billing and credentialing. We are dedicated to providing top-quality financial results for our healthcare billing partners by increasing their revenue on a regular basis.

In today’s healthcare competitive market, it’s more important than ever to keep up with the competition and give more time to patients. We are here to help you increase your practice revenue and enroll you with top insurance companies across the nation.

Allery Medical Credentialing Services

Looking for an Allergist Credentialing Company that is honest, trusted, reputable, and known for achieving superior enrollment results? MaxRemind makes assured that you finally found the right Allergy credentialing Company for your needs - ask any of our healthcare clients and they'll tell you the same.

MaxRemind has more than 20 years of experience in Allergy medical billing, and credentialing and we're the only Allery medical billing company to use proprietary medical billing software technology to ensure success with our awesome services.

Our medical billing technology sets us apart from our competition and allows us to custom-create medical billing processes for your practice based on our knowledge and experience. We're the only Allergy medical billing and credentialing company you'll ever need to work with - we always under promise and over deliver unlike the other Allergy billing companies which over promise and under deliver.

As a reputable Allergy Billing Company, our value and reputation is very important to us. It bothers us when we see medical practices continuously shifting their billing companies because of ineffective billing and credentialing services. As your Allergy Medical Billing Company, we want to build a long-lasting relationship with your healthcare practice and we know the only way to achieve this is to provide you with top-notch financial results. It's our goal that you're 100% satisfied with our Allergy medical billing and Credentialing services and that you tell other physicians and friends about us so we can be their Medical Billing and Credentialing Company as well.

What CPT-Codes are used by Allergists in Allergy Billing?

Our Allergists across the nation use the following CPT-Codes in their billing.

CPT-Code Procedure
95004 - Percutaneous tests (scratch, puncture, prick) with allergenic extracts, immediate type reaction, including test interpretation and report, specify number of tests
95024 - Intradermal tests for airborne allergens, including test interpretation and report
95027 - Preparation and provision of antigens for allergen immunotherapy; single injection
95028 - Preparation and provision of antigens for allergen immunotherapy; multiple injections
95115 - Professional services for allergen immunotherapy not including provision of allergenic extracts; patient education, supervision of dosages, adjustment of dosages, and provision of written prescriptions for self-administration of allergenic extracts
95117 - Professional services for the supervision of preparation and provision of antigens for allergen immunotherapy

It's important to note that CPT codes can vary depending on the specific services provided, and it's best to consult with a healthcare professional or medical coder for accurate coding.

Hire Dedicated Offshore Allergy Billing Specialists and save up to 75% compared to hiring locally

Is your allergy practice looking to expand without spending extensive time and human resources? Outsourcing Allergy billing services to specialized teams in the USA provides your practice high quality and efficient work at a fraction of the cost of hiring and training Allergy medical billing teams in-house. Whether your healthcare allergy practice would benefit most from a single Allery Billing specialist or an entire team of Allergy billing specialists, MaxRemind will work with you to provide the Allergy Billing outsourcing solutions that will fit your practice needs.

MaxRemind’s Software

MaxRemind has developed fully automated specialized software to make allergy billing system easy and accurate. The system is integrated to automate allergy billing by online accessibility to practitioners. Our software has the ability to give you access to viewing patient balances and transaction history until the bill is fully paid. Salient features of our software include practice management, electronic health records, patient appointment, scheduling, financial analysis and reporting that all effort collectively to systematize your practice. RBS works for detecting errors automatically. All records are kept safe and sound for future needs, and whole data is confidential and fully secured. Specialized coding for each allergy bill is done accurately and many bills are handled with the same level of expertise at the same time by our specialized software.