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Trustworthy Behavioral Health Billing Services for Seamless Revenue Management

MaxRemind Behavioral Health Billing Services is an award-winning, as medical billing company we are providing intelligent solutions that catapult fast-growing healthcare practices into enterprise healthcare market leaders across the nation.

We are passionate about helping behavioral healthcare practitioners navigate the healthcare landscape effectively and intelligently. By harnessing the power of data and leveraging analysis, our Behavioral healthcare medical billing services increase healthcare practice exposure and drive more revenue on time. By dominating the healthcare market in the region, we help behavioral healthcare practitioners rise from small growing practices to large healthcare clinics.

Our team members are accomplished behavioral healthcare billing experts who are well-trained in their specialty to be a positive force of business change for our healthcare clients.

Our culture empowers our behavioral health medical billing team to quickly solve problems and drive results for our behavioral health physicians. We work with the best healthcare physicians, nurse practitioners, and hospital facilities around the nation to transform them into market healthcare leaders.

Here’s What You Get When Working with Us

A dedicated behavioral health billing team who considers your success our success.

Exceptional billing knowledge to lay out the foundation for your healthcare practice in the region.

A monthly report and 1-hour monthly meeting to let you know what we’re working on. We’ll update you with what’s going well, information about A/R and all other information related to the practice’s financial health.

Creative & accurate approach that will help your practice stand out from your healthcare competitors and ensure your behavioral health billing team is helping you.

High-quality research that builds trust with us and with your current patients.

Frequent communication so you know what we’re up to when it comes to your practice behavioral health billing.

We strive to bring the best financial results to our behavioral health practitioners and take pride in the committed billing service we provide. Your behavior healthcare practice success is our success, and we’ll never sacrifice long-term relationships for short-term gain.

Behavioral Health Credentialing Services

MaxRemind has an expert team of behavioral health credentialing specialists, our credentialing services are professional services assist individuals and organizations in obtaining and maintaining the necessary credentials and licenses for practicing in the field of behavioral health. These services typically involve managing the credentialing process, including completing and submitting applications, verifying qualifications and credentials, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. By utilizing behavioral health credentialing services, practitioners and organizations can streamline the credentialing process, save time and effort, and ensure that they meet the necessary standards to provide quality care to patients.

Behavioral Health Medical Account Receivable Services

Our behavioral health medical accounts receivable specialists handle the financial aspects of healthcare billing and collections for our behavioral health providers. These services typically involve managing the accounts receivable process, which includes generating and submitting claims to insurance companies, following up on unpaid or denied claims, and working to collect outstanding payments from patients or insurance companies.

By utilizing behavioral health medical accounts receivable services, providers can ensure timely and accurate billing, improve revenue collection, and reduce administrative burdens. These services often include tasks such as claims processing, insurance verification, payment posting, denial management, and patient billing. Overall, we will streamline the financial operations of behavioral health practices, allowing providers to focus on delivering quality care to their patients.

Behavioral Health Prior Authorization Services

MaxRemind has a great team of behavioral health prior authorization experts, our experts will obtain prior authorization for specific behavioral health treatments or services. Behavioral health prior authorization is a process in which healthcare providers must seek approval from insurance companies or other payers before providing certain behavioral health treatments to patients. We will navigate the complex prior authorization process and ensure that the necessary approvals are obtained in a timely manner.

Behavioral health prior authorization services typically involve gathering and submitting all the required documentation, such as treatment plans, medical records, and clinical justifications, to the insurance company or payer. They also involve tracking the status of the prior authorization request, following up with the insurance company as needed, and advocating for the approval of the requested services.

By utilizing behavioral health prior authorization services, providers can streamline the prior authorization process, reduce administrative burden, and improve access to necessary

behavioral health treatments for their patients. These services help ensure that patients receive the appropriate care while minimizing delays and potential financial burdens.

Why Outsource Behavioral Health Medical Billing To Us At MaxRemind, we bring years of medical billing experience, proven systematic credentialing approach and knowledge of your healthcare specialty to grow your healthcare practice gradually. We understand there’s one-size-fits-all approach, knowledge and experience, our professionals have for behavioral healthcare practices.

Our Behavioral health billing services are designed to deliver awesome financial results for our healthcare physicians. Many of our clients are enjoying our services over 8 years or more. We not only help you get enrolled with your desired insurance companies, but also help you increase your revenue every month.