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Top-Rank Dental Billing Services Provider to Scale up Your Dentist Practice

MaxRemind is a reputable dental billing company that provides end-to-end dental medical billing solutions. Our main aim is to assist your dental practice to reach new heights of success. Therefore, we offer complete dental billing services for your dentist practice. From dental medical billing to dental credentialing, dental prior authorization, and practice management, we handle everything while you sit back and have more time for main objective patient care.

As a full-service dental billing company, we can not only help with your dental billing but also bring together our dental credentialing services with other areas in that we specialize. Dental billing services will help to increase your practice revenue while credentialing services enroll your dental practice with top dental insurers in the USA. What’s more, our dental medical billing and the credentialing team can help your practice grow consistently with our wider medical billing and A/R strategy.

We could tell you about all of the great work we’ve completed, since 2010 across the nation. If you’re looking for a dental billing partner that can increase your dental practice revenue and enroll you on time, we can help. We’re proud to provide dental billing services in the USA and focus on transparency and, above all else, quality.

Dental Account Receivable Services

Even with stiff competition from other outstanding dental billing and A/R agencies, we are proud that the MaxRemind has thrived, not just survived, which has only been made possible by our commitment to some key values and dental A/R services we offer.

MaxRemind dental billing and credentialing experts are ambitious, brilliantly skilled, and coding certified. MaxRemind top rank medical billing company hires experts in their field to deliver the very best dental billing and dental account receivable services. We and our dental billing team try our very best for every dentist and always do what we say we will do it.

We’re not your average Dental Credentialing Company

We’re the dental credentialing company that you need to get things done. Using top quality technology and deep knowledge of dental credentialing, we operate with speed and efficiency to complete credentialing process faster pace than any other dental credentialing company.

For over 13 years, we’ve provided our dentists with the best credentialing services based on real enrollment results using our wealth of dental credentialing knowledge and expertise to enroll them in the best possible way with top dental insurers.

Utilizing these medical enrollment skills, our dental credentialing experts work closely with your practice to understand how they can help you to enroll and succeed.

What Dental CPT-Codes Use in Dental Billing?

We are a Dental Billing Company in the USA. We are a group of passionate dental billing experts; industry thought leaders and experienced credentialing specialists who work together for dentists, our dentists use the following CDT codes in their billing in the US healthcare industry.

CDT Codes     Procedure

D0120     Periodic oral evaluation - established patient

D0140     Limited oral evaluation - problem focused

D0150     Comprehensive oral evaluation - new or established patient

D0210     Intraoral - complete series of radiographic images

D0220     Intraoral - periapical first radiographic image

D0230     Intraoral - periapical each additional film

D0251     Extra-oral posterior dental radiographic image

D0272     Bitewings- two radiographic images

D0274     Bitewings- four radiographic images

D0330     Panoramic radiographic image

D0999     Unspecified diagnostic procedure

What are the benefits of Outsourcing Dental Billing?

As an expert dentist, you are looking to expand your dental clinic without spending extensive time and resources? Outsourcing dental billing services to specialized teams provides your dental practice with high quality and efficient billing service at a fraction of the cost of hiring and training dentist billing teams in-house. Whether your dental practice would benefit most from a single dental billing specialist or an entire team of dental medical billing specialists, MaxRemind will work with you to provide the dental billing outsourcing services that will fit your healthcare practice best. Some other benefits of outsourcing dental billing include:

Cost Savings: Outsourcing dental billing services to MaxRemind can often be more cost-effective than hiring and training new dental billing professionals, especially for specialized dental billing and credentialing tasks.

Access to specialized skills and expertise:

Outsourcing dental billing services allows dentists in the USA to access specialized skills and expertise that may not be available in-house, such as dental billing, dental credentialing, and dental prior authorization experts.

Increased efficiency and productivity:

Outsourcing can help companies focus on their core business activities and reduce the workload of their in-house employees, which can lead to increased efficiency and productivity.


Outsourcing dental billing services can provide dentists with the flexibility to scale up or down their dental practice operations as needed, without the need for long-term commitments or fixed costs.

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Improved quality:

Outsourcing to experienced and specialized dental billing company MaxRemind can improve the quality of work and our dental financial outcomes, which can ultimately benefit the dentist.

Risk mitigation:

Outsourcing dental billing services can help dentists mitigate risks associated with certain billing tasks, such as legal or HIPPA compliance, cybersecurity, or data privacy.

Overall, outsourcing dental billing can be a valuable strategy for dentists looking to optimize their practice operations, reduce costs, and access specialized skills and expertise.

What Sets Us Apart

MaxRemind offers extreme flexibility in terms of our dental billing services and operations to give every single dentist a unique offering made just for their dental practice requirements. We offer scalability that lets us expand our dental billing services to help you with ease. No matter the size of the dental practice, we are always ready for it.

Unlike other outsourcing dental billing companies, we do not offer a cookie cutter approach and realize the unique needs of different dental billing companies. By partnering with MaxRemind, you get a dental billing partner that completely understands how to help grow your dental practice.