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Medical Billing Services in South Carolina

MaxRemind medical billing company has its billers and coders throughout South Carolina including all cities such as Columbia, Charleston, Charleston, North Charleston, Mount Pleasant, and Rock Hill. We know that having a successful medical practice is a challenging job in the state. We are USA based medical company having decade’s experience of managing medical billing effectively. Our billers and coders know all ins and outs of billing in South Carolina and assist you to solve your all billing as well as practice management issues.

Why Choose MaxRemind for Outsourcing Medical Billing

We are not only billing the company for health providers but also have end-to-end solution providers for your health practice. Our team goes through your unique needs and makes a customized solution for your exclusive requirement. In the present scenario of tough competition all around, we can help you compete with others and achieve your goals easily. Outsource with us will benefit you in many areas like

  A fast, relaxed, and more reasonable model to get compensated
 We speed up the revenue generation and instantly boosting your monthly reimbursement
  Particular Billing & Coding Solutions
  The fast growth of practice without hiring extra staff
 we keep you updated with your practice health as well accounts so you can focus more on patient’s care

Save Time and Money with MaxRemind

MaxRemind gives you complete services you needed to run a successful practice in South Carolina. By hiring our services you will have much more time for your practice as we will take care of all concerns of billing. Our services include provider portal to get the awareness of your practice parameters. DA manager allows you to track each claim proceeded. Claims are forwarded electronically to diminish the chances of faults and if any error occurs RBS detect that automatically within no time. The Electronic file transfer is also available at MaxRemind. It makes the receiving method simple and easy.

Increase Revenues and Practice Growth

You will see increased revenues and profit margin by outsourcing your medical billing with MaxRemind. We have a clear collection process the first step of which is prior verification of insurance coverage eligibility. We gather all the required data from the patient and verify each detail. Transparent and complete patients, physician’s, insurer’s, information along with medical descriptions, treatment and tests are delivered. Our billers and coders manage each denied and refused to claim very effectively. We communicate with the paying parties until you get a complete reimbursement. We fight for each dollar you owed.

Credentialing and Practice Management

MaxRemind provides credentialing and time to time re-credentialing facility to new and existing practitioners. If you are new in South Carolina and thinking of starting a medical practice, we will manage to get your practice license and enroll you with insurance companies with minimum time duration. If you are not properly credentialed you may lose revenues. Credentialing also helps you to attract new and old potential patients. We also help you in running the operational work of your practice. Our experts will manage the finance and administration of your office and you need not hire any extras account and admin staff.

Accurate and Fast-Tracked Billing Process

MaxRemind has a proven history of successful billing. We believe in precision and accuracy of work. Our billers and coders focus on all claims and after complete authentication process the claim with accurate codes. Time is also a very considerable determinant for the success of bills. An on the time and an errorless claim can get paid more quickly and completely. Our billers exactly know how to code a claim perfectly and accurately.

Cut Expenses with More Flexible and Reasonable Charges

Our main focus and purpose of facilitation billing are to cut your overheads and increase your revenues on very nominal flexible rates. We reduce your cost by raising patient satisfaction and using new technologies. Our billers and coders do all tasks on your behalf and hence cut your administrative and operational cost. Denial management and effective follow-ups also add much in finances. We ensure you get reimbursement for the complete services you provided. Our improved and effective communication with the payers confirms the financial stability of your practice.

Minimum Turn- Around Time

Time management is considered essential in every field of life. When it comes to medical billing, turnaround time is very important. It refers to the total time required to achieve the results. Every process must be done within the time to get accomplishment. MaxRemind due to experience in the field has very short turnaround time for credentialing, billing, and all other associated procedures. Our first-time claim succession rate is about 96% which is comparatively very high. Outsource with MaxRemind and get paid fast and easily.

Certified Staff, Upgraded Technology, and Quality Services

MaxRemind is serving the industry from decades with the same enthusiasm and zeal. Our staff is highly motivated, skilled and professional. They are highly qualified and professional. We focus on their periodical training as per need. We keep them well aware of all new and persisting rules and regulation to deliver the best. Our staff is well equipped with modern, upgraded technology. Advancement in technical support has increased not only efficiency but also the quality of services.