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Medical Billing Services in Texas

There are many medical billing companies at work in Texas, but you can hardly find some companies having enough ability to full fill your billing needs. Texas is famous for its obvious and transparent claims processing environment. The ruling medical billing law in Texas clearly utters that the financier has to pay an uncontaminated claim within a month if the claim is electronically processed. If a claim is submitted otherwise than option is of 45 days to complete the payment. Therefore in Texas account receivable duration is noticeably short than other states. Only a specialist billing service provider can support you to minimize your health care cost and enhance revenues to survive in Texas.

Why MaxRemind over other Medical Billing Companies in Texas

MaxRemind is USA based medical billing and credentialing company having its head office in Texas. We are providing billing facilities to all medical practitioners, clinics and hospitals, surgeons, dentists and also offering specialty-oriented medical billing services like Cardiology, Chiropractic, dermatology, Family medicine Practice, Internal Medicine, etc. We are result-oriented medical billing provider and business management consulting company. MaxRemind has placed its expert medical biller throughout Texas, in all main cities such as Houston, Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio, and they are happily prepared to support your all billing requirements. Our technology-oriented medical Billing simplifies the whole billing process. Our experienced billers are expert in insurance verification, coding, bill processing and payment collection. We built a fee structure to accommodate your budgeting needs and you can find one that is fit for your practice.

Benefits of Outsourcing Medical Billing with MaxRemind

MaxRemind's devoted team of billers and coders are having sound ability to handle completely the whole cycle of revenue management cycle, denial management, and can enthusiastically recover the rejected claims through proper appeals and follow-ups. We can recognize and handle the challenges that practitioners are facing, and our skilled team has the ability to use technical tools to solve all billing issues related to reimbursement. As soon as you enter in our specified automated system, our billers promptly verify the eligibility of each claim to clarify the coverage amount. Accurate coding with on time submission of a claim is our priority to reduce the chances. Rule-based scrubber in the system automatically detects the error if any appear. Our coding accuracy and timely follow up, guarantee you higher profitability for medical practice in Texas. Our superior quality software for the practitioners in Texas support health providers to grow financially more rapidly and amazingly. We guarantee your revenues to grow 23% more and in minimum time duration than by outsourcing other medical billing companies in Texas. Our value-added services include medical credentialing, home health software, EHR, electronic billing, electronic file transfer, a personalized dashboard for scheduling and reminders, RBS, document management, medical and financial statement generation, online cash management, and effective and complete follow up. With over decades of specified billing experience, we can guide you in all aspects for your medical practice to be there where you want to be. We believe in customized and distinctive billing services to full fill your needs.

Maximize Your Revenues with MaxRemind

We are specialized in all techniques of collecting every penny you deserve. MaxRemind conceitedly offers a range of Revenue Cycle Management solutions to hospitals, home healthcare companies, and individual practitioners, so that they can provide quality health care without worrying about their finances. We apply an accurate code to each claim, send it to insurance companies and other payers, and handle all aspects associated with billing. We keep you well informed with claims processing and make ease in the follow-up process. We provide billing services according to your specialty, your institution, personalized and customized to you. MaxRemind understands the importance of accurate coding and compliance in Texas, so we are fully compliant with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability (HIPAA). We are proficient with the latest medical coding system. With expert analysis, risk management, and revenue cycle management by our skilled team, you can minimize your expenses and maximize revenues by many extents. Our main objective is to be methodical, specific and well-organized in client management, and we constantly considering health providers with the ultimate proficiency and consideration.

MaxRemind’s Software for Medical Billing in Texas

MaxRemind has developed its integrated cloud-based software by keeping in view the practitioner's current needs and continuously changing billing laws in the USA. We have developed the best software solution to avoid errors and make your billing process simple and easy. You can also download our app in your computers and android mobiles. This software is user-friendly, customized, centralized, and full compliance. We continuously remain in touch with our software and keep it updated with all new laws and changes in the field of medical billing.