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Top-Rank Neurology Medical Billing Services Provider to Scale up Your Neurology Practice

As a Neurology medical billing company in Texas behind some of the USA’s best-known neurologists, MaxRemind is growing the online presence of companies on a national scale via neurology medical billing, neurology credentialing, neurologists A/R, and neurology prior authorization services. Through years of neurology billing experience, we have developed a unique approach to neurology medical billing that truly sets us apart from any other neurology medical billing company in the USA. As an experienced medical billing and credentialing company, we create a custom neurology billing approach that is tailored to your healthcare specialty and specifically aligned to your overall healthcare practice goals.

Our neurology billing and credentialing services are designed to succeed nationally results. With an eye always on the bottom line, our focus is on delivery and our strategic billing approach for neurologists. Our reputation as a neurology medical billing company in the USA helped us to soon grow and work for the largest neurologists across the nation. Since then, we have acquired the medical billing industry’s best neurology medical billing specialists in other areas from medical billing to credentialing. Our aim as a neurology medical billing company is to give neurologists the best service they have received when compared with any other neurology billing company in terms of quality and also practice management.

Our medical billing company offers a wide range of services to neurologists, ranging from medical billing, medical credentialing, prior authorization, and practice management. As we know it is vitally important to ensure an increase in revenue, our neurology medical billing company in the USA places a big emphasis on practice revenue and reimbursement. As a medical billing company in the USA, we are honest and upfront about the potential scope of healthcare practice and will work with physicians to achieve both short-term and long-term revenue goals using a combination of the services that our neurology billing company in the USA has to offer.

Having started life as a neurology medical billing company in the USA, MaxRemind is truly a specialist in medical billing, credentialing, and A/R. Our neurology medical billing team at MaxRemind is rigorously trained to have a thorough grasp of every aspect of medical billing from the highest level down to its most technical form. MaxRemind’s unique medical billing training program is delivered to staff regardless of their experience level so that we can guarantee that we deliver the best neurology billing service for neurologists in the USA which generates real financial results.

Neurology Medical Account Receivable Services

MaxRemind medical billing is a results-based neurology medical account receivable company you can trust to unlock your practice’s potential goals. Our team is expert in medical accounts receivable. Our specialist team neurology A/R team works on collections of payments for medical services provided by neurology clinics or practitioners. These services involve handling and processing medical bills, insurance claims, and payments from patients and insurance companies.

Our medical account receivable services include tasks such as verifying insurance coverage, submitting claims to insurance companies, following up on unpaid claims, and managing patient billing and collections. Our experts know that effective management of medical account receivables is essential for the financial stability of neurology clinics and practitioners in the USA.

A large number of healthcare providers outsource their medical account receivable services to MaxRemind that have great expertise in managing medical billing and collections. Outsourcing these services can save time and resources, improve cash flow, and reduce the risk of errors in billing and collections of neurologists.

We know neurology medical account receivable services are a crucial part of the financial management of neurology clinics and practitioners. Our teams effectively manage account receivables for the financial stability of the practice.

The Right Neurology Credentialing Services Partner for your Practice

If you are looking for a neurology medical credentialing partner to help you enroll with top insurers, look no further than MaxRemind. Our neurology credentialing experts verify documents and qualifications and credentials of neurology healthcare providers. This process is necessary for healthcare providers to be able to participate in insurance networks, receive payments from insurance companies, and practice medicine in a particular state or region in the USA.

The credentialing process involves verifying the education, training, licensure, and work experience of neurology healthcare providers. This is done by reviewing their credentials, licenses, certifications, and other relevant documents. The information is then submitted to insurance companies or other healthcare organizations for verification and approval.

By using MaxRemind’s neurology credentialing services, neurologists can focus on delivering high-quality care to their patients while leaving the administrative and paperwork tasks to our credentialing experts. This can save time and resources for the neurologists, and also help to ensure that they are properly credentialed and able to participate in insurance networks and other healthcare organizations.

What CPT Codes are used by Neurologists in Neurology Billing?

MaxRemind is a results-based neurology medical billing agency you can trust to unlock your healthcare practice’s potential and have more time for patients care. Our team is an expert in neurology medical billing and credentialing, our neurologists use the following CPT Codes in neurology billing reimbursement.

CPT-Code Procedure
95700-95811 Sleep Medicine Testing and Long-term EEG Procedures
95812-95836 Routine Electroencephalography
95851-95857 Range of Motion Testing
95860-95872 Electromyography
95873-95887 Ischemic Muscle Testing
95905-95913 Nerve Conduction Tests
95919-95924 Autonomic Function Testing
95925-95937 Evoked Potentials and Reflex Testing
95938-95941 Intraoperative Neurophysiology
95954-95726 Special EEG Testing
95970-95984 Neurostimulators Analysis-Programming
95990-95999 Other Neurology and Neuromuscular
96000-96004 Motion Analysis
96020-96020 Functional Brain Mapping
Neurology Medical Billing Company to Achieve Your Practice Goals

Among the top neurology medical billing companies, MaxRemind transcends expectations with every passing year. We aim to simplify neurology billing services for our neurologists with quality work to enhance practice financial performance. We have offices in Texas, USA where we envision always-connected billing partnerships with our physicians, no matter what their practice size. Partnerships that benefit us mutually MaxRemind and physicians, and add value to growing billing partnership. You too can reach the top of your healthcare billing industry, like MaxRemind where your billing is backed by certified experts. Our vision is to offer seamless customer support services, yet remember to analyze and check cost-effectiveness.