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Top-Rank Oncology Medical Billing Services Provider to Scale up Your Oncology Practice

Being among the top oncology medical billing company in the USA, we have consistently delivered excellent oncology medical billing results and held a position of prominence in the medical billing sector of the USA. While working with oncologist healthcare practitioners in the USA in various roles and services, our consistent and dependable oncology medical billing services have earned us honors. With the help of our well-resourced oncology medical billing team and highly qualified credentialing experts, we have witnessed excellent growth, from small to large, across various healthcare specialties, thanks to the top-notch oncology medical billing experts. All these have been made possible by our oncology medical billing experience and a great passion for providing the best oncology medical billing, medical credentialing, and oncology practice management services in the USA.

With such oncology medical billing experience, oncologists have expanded significantly, as trusted billing partners. Still, our array of oncology medical billing and credentialing services has helped oncologists recognize the value of our oncology medical billing. While our ultimate objective is to ensure oncology physician happiness as a top oncology medical billing company in the USA, our oncology medical billing company has worked with 300+ oncologists that have resulted in enjoying the results and revenue.

With such oncology medical billing experience, healthcare practices have expanded significantly. Still, our array of oncology medical billing and credentialing has helped other specialties. While our ultimate objective is to ensure our oncologists happiness as a top oncology medical billing company.

Oncology Medical Account Receivable Services

Struggling to increase your practice revenue? Wouldn't you like to have better reimbursement or a highly capable medical account receivable team? Staying ahead of your healthcare competitors is quite a challenging endeavor, if your practice has enough or a large number of charges against insurers. For this reason, everyone who has invested some effort into building a strong team of medical account receivable experts has got awesome results.

At the moment, we collaborate with more than 200+ medical accounts receivable clients from all around the USA. Owing to the diversity of our Us-based medical account receivable team, we offer quality medical account receivable services across the nation.

  • We first understand our healthcare specialist’s expectations and ensure to meet their objectives.
  • We're loyal to our healthcare professionals and do maintain transparency throughout the A/R process.
  • We're specialized in offering quality medical account receivable services with uniqueness and on-time.
  • We're specialized in offering quality services with uniqueness and on-time delivery.
  • MaxRemind work with 100% commitment toward our healthcare clients' satisfaction.
  • We always consider our physicians and nurse practitioners to be our main priority.
Oncology Credentialing Services

We are a full-service medical credentialing company in Texas, focusing on the physicians and nurse practitioners enrollment process, and offering best-in-class medical billing solutions for our healthcare practices in the USA. Our ability to help our healthcare specialists grow faster financially in a competitive healthcare market has enabled us to be the best oncology medical billing and credentialing company in the USA. MaxRemind has a certified oncology medical billing and coding team, dedicated to delivering our services with the utmost quality and efficiency. MaxRemind healthcare technology team has also spent endless hours creating medical billing technologies and strategies to make us the best oncology medical billing company in the USA. We provide all oncology medical credentialing and oncology medical billing services for your oncology practice needs. Contact us for a free practice audit.

What CPT-Codes are used by Oncologists in Oncology Medical Billing?

Treatment planning is a one-time charge per course of therapy. Billing for multiple treatment plans for a single course of treatment is not allowed. This is a professional service only and the physician is responsible for all the technical aspects of the treatment planning process.

CPT-Code Procedure
CPT code 77261 This code is used when the volume of interest to be treated is clearly defined and easily encompasses the tumor while excluding normal tissue and structures. Simple planning requires a single treatment area of interest encompassed in a single port or simple parallel opposed ports with simple or no blocking.
CPT code 77262 This code is used when there is a moderate level of planning difficulty involved. It requires three (3) or more converging ports, two (2) separate treatment areas, multiple blocks, or special time dose constraints.
CPT code 77263 This code is used when complex treatment planning is involved. Complex planning requires highly complex blocking, custom shielding blocks, tangential ports, special wedges or compensators, three (3) or more separate treatment areas, rotational or special beam considerations, or a combination of therapeutic modalities.
MaxRemind Oncology Medical Billing Services are not Limited

MaxRemind is a full-service oncology medical billing company offering quality oncology medical billing, oncologist enrollment with the insurer, prior authorization, and free practice audit services. Established in 2010, we have grown into a diverse oncology medical billing company and blend our oncology medical skills together to create unified medical billing solutions for oncologists financial challenges.

  • Surgical Oncology
  • Radiation Oncology
  • Gynecologic Oncology
  • Pediatric Oncology
What sets us apart from other Oncology Medical Billing Companies?

Our main aim, Oncologist’s growth in terms of financials, we put emphasis on the continual education and training of our oncology medical billing team in order to ensure they are familiar with the latest oncology medical billing changes and trends.

Our years of experience in oncology medicine allowed us to devote some of our resources to the development of specialized oncology medical billing software, which allows us to deliver first-class medical billing services to our healthcare specialists in New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Texas, and throughout the whole USA.