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Best Pediatrics Medical Billing Services in USA

You're a pediatrician practice owner, and you want to grow your pediatrics practice in the region. We're an American Pediatrics medical billing company and Credentialing Agency based in the USA - and we know how to help you get more revenue and you have more time for patient care.

Partner with an experienced Pediatrics medical billing service provider, and have extensive knowledge of pediatrician medical billing, credentialing, and medical account receivable. We create ad hoc medical billing roadmaps to ensure our pediatrics enjoy the best financial performance, and patients management more efficiently.

Our pediatrics medical billing, medical credentialing, and Pediatrician enrollment services help US-based pediatrics healthcare practices do two things - grow and thrive.

MaxRemind® professional team has proven, and measurable financial results that we have applied in Pediatrics medical billing.

MaxRemind® team follows HIPPA compliance and you’ll get full transparency and full access to your own account financials and patient data. Our job is to keep it simple for you, and our pricing is very low as compared to the market.

MaxRemind’s # 1 Pediatrics Medical Billing Company in USA

MaxRemind® already worked with numerous US-based Pediatrician and we know how hard it is to run a successful Pediatrics practice in any state or city of the USA without accurate Pediatrics billing services, and that's why we guarantee that we will get you more revenue, by accurately posting payments and regularly working on denials.

Our team of pediatrics medical billing professionals and experts, develop and implement an individual pediatrics billing plan for pediatrician’s financial success. This means you're not left with any nasty surprises, your medical practice is now in the safe hand, and we charge you a fixed amount that depends upon your practice total collection, which is a win-win financial strategy for your healthcare practice. Mostly pediatricians now fully outsource their pediatrics medical billing services to MaxRemind, because they know we can deliver on what we say about pediatrics billing.

One-stop Solution to All of Your Pediatrics Practice Billing Needs

We, as a leading pediatrics billing services outsourcing company, help pediatricians, medical clinics, and nurse practitioners, around the USA to increase patient’s trust, and reliability by outsourcing pediatrics billing to MaxRemind, top-rank medical billing company. We are a results-based, data-driven pediatric medical billing company in the USA. Whether you’re just starting out, or you’re looking for a pediatrics medical billing company to take your healthcare practice to the next level, we offer medical billing and credentialing solutions that can be tailored to exactly what you need. MaxRemind is a results-based pediatrics medical billing company you can trust to unlock your practice’s potential and reach more customers. Our team is experts in medical billing, medical credentialing, prior authorization, and pediatric medical account receivable. We get to know your healthcare practice goals and advise on how many or few changes should be leveraged together to achieve financial and patient satisfaction results as quickly as you need them.

Pediatrics Medical Account Receivable Services

About helping pediatrician practices succeed financially. We offer all the services necessary to handle all facets of your practice’s medical account receivable needs. Our team has a proven track record of delivering accurate medical accounts receivable results for our pediatricians. We have an expert A/R team who understand your practice A/R and then develop tailored strategies to drive revenue to your practice. We use top-rank medical billing software and the latest healthcare tools to track and analyze your practice A/R. This helps us optimize our efforts for the best medical account receivable results for our pediatricians.

What CPT-Codes are Used by Pediatricians in Pediatrics Billing?

Helping healthcare physicians to succeed is our primary objective. We offer all the services necessary to handle all facets of your practice medical billing needs. Our pediatrics billing services team has a proven track record of delivering results for pediatricians. We understand your practice, and pediatricians mostly use the following CPT-codes in billing.

Children Age (1 year - 4 years) CPT Code 99392

Children Age (5 years - 11 years) CPT Code 99393

Children Age (12 years - 17 years) CPT Code 99394

That completely depends on the current requirements of Pediatrician needs, we offer medical billing, medical credentialing, medical account receivable, prior authorization, and free practice audit services.
Apart from some specific healthcare specialties, our pediatric medical billing experts have worked with challenging healthcare specialties and delivered impeccable financial results that other medical billing companies deem impossible. We always encourage our healthcare specialists to give a shot, and then we commit to deliver.
After having a discussion, we will be agreeing on monthly reports to track your practice’s financial progress. Our reporting is quite simple and transparent and you will easily understand your practice growth rate.
Definitely medical credentialing is our forte and we have helped multiple physicians and nurse practitioners in the enrollment process.
We have an expert medical billing and credentialing team, we provide medical billing, medical credentialing, medical account receivable, practice management, and prior authorization services..