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Plastic Surgery

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Low Cost, High-Quality Plastic Surgery Billing Services Company

MaxRemind® is a leading Plastic Surgery Billing services agency based in the USA. Among the top Plastic Surgery Billing service providers in all states of the USA, we offer low-cost, high-quality Surgery Billing and Plastic Surgery Credentialing services across the nation.

Our Plastic Surgery Billing Company incorporates a large team of highly motivated and experienced medical billing professionals working across different healthcare specialties. We are very proud to work with healthcare partners not only in a single state but all over the USA.

As Surgery billing specialists, it is our goal to make a positive difference in the field of medical billing services. We offer the same high-quality proven Plastic Surgery billing services that surgeons expect, but with the key point of differentiation that we understand our surgeon’s requirements and financial needs. As such, we design and execute our Plastic Surgery Billing process around your practice goals, with each claim properly submitted to complete your aims.

We know Surgeons know how critical credentialing is to them, and alongside our Surgery Billing and Coding services, we also provide high-quality provider enrollment services in the USA. We additionally provide prior authorization services to avoid time loss, our valued surgery billing partners.

Our Surgery Billing & Credentialing services have high quality and are affordable, we work on a low percentage of your practice total collection. We have highly experienced Surgery Billing specialists, and we take great pride in being a Surgery Medical Billing Company that adds value to your healthcare practice by tailoring our solutions to fit your healthcare practice budget and financial goals.

Surgery Billing Account Receivable Services

We are your surgery practice financial lifeline. Over 10+ years we’ve delivered millions in our Surgeon accounts, against their account receivable. We’ve seen and solved everything in Surgeon medical accounts receivable in New Jersey, California, Texas, and all over the USA. Top list of the US’s Surgeons recognized our surgery account receivable services. We listen first to our Surgeons and get to the point fast to make them happy financially.

We are a dynamic medical account receivable team to handle your Surgery billing and medical account receivable to improve your financials, and you will build a unique healthcare surgeon image, and reliable patient trust by focusing more time on patient care. Come and collaborate with us for your Plastic Surgery practice’s ultimate success and steady growth.

  • Our Surgeons have more time and they can pay special and focused attention to patients.
  • MaxRemind is an expert Plastic Surgery Billing Company, you do not have to acquire complete knowledge of billing, now you have more time to care for patients
  • MaxRemind expert Surgery billing team makes sure higher cash flow with extra efforts, leading to financial stability.
  • We are not just a Surgery Billing Company, we will keep you updated with advanced technologies, government regulations, and insurance policies regarding Surgeons.
  • Your practice patient data is secure and safe.
  • Now as Surgeon you do not have to worry about billing errors or the enrollment process.
  • Surgeons are now mentally relaxed, which can result in an increase in satisfied patients.
Plastic Surgeon Credentialing Services

MaxRemind® is a Credentialing agency that directs its attention towards helping small to medium-sized Surgeon practitioner’s businesses enroll their practices with top insurers and attract wider patients to provide quality care. MaxRemind prides itself in employing more than 50+ credentialing experts, professional medical billers, and prior authorization specialists that will help you grow your healthcare practice in the USA.

  • An experienced Plastic Surgery Credentialing partner with extensive insurer enrollment knowledge.
  • Certified and knowledgeable professionals ready to become your enrollment partner.
  • A team with knowledge of Medicare Enrollment, Aetna Enrollment, Kaiser Permanente Enrollment, and much more.
  • Exceptional quality credentialing services and competitive prices for Surgeons.
We Offer Plastic Surgery Billing for the following sub-specialties

MaxRemind is a Plastic Surgery medical billing company that delivers tangible results to Surgeons of all sizes in the USA. With a team of dedicated Surgery medical professionals that specialize in Plastic surgery billing and following other specialties.

  • Orthopedic Surgery
  • Plastic/ Reconstructive Surgery
  • General Surgery
  • Thoracic Surgery
  • Colon and Rectal Surgery
  • Neurological Surgery
  • Ophthalmic Surgery
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Plastic Surgery Prior Authorization Services

While working with many healthcare practitioners, our prior authorization experts determine a surgical medical treatment, procedure, or medication is covered by a patient's insurance plan. Our prior authorization process typically involves submitting a request to the insurance company for approval before the treatment, procedure, or medication can be provided to the patient, it saves our Surgery billing partners time and cost.