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Preventive Healthcare

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Preventive Healthcare Medical Billing Services

Preventive healthcare is base of family medicine with a large variety of health services. Patients of all ages come to a consultant for their routine checkups to maintain their fitness and prevent diseases. Preventive healthcare includes a variety of services such as vaccinations, screening laboratory services, advising and even supervision of medical complications. Coding of these medical services for reimbursement can be challenging work as preventive healthcare billing policies are different from other health services. Billing staff must be fully trained and well informed with all preventive health’s prevailing rules for reimbursement.

Maxremind Medical Billing for Preventive Healthcare

MaxRemind is a trustworthy billing solution for preventive healthcare services. Our experts are well versed with all classes of these services and their specific codes along with fully automated, customized, user-friendly, and centralized software. We are available round the clock to entertain consultants and practitioners for complex billing and complete reimbursement in minimum time as compared to others. Our revenue cycle management services are rated at high levels because we help practitioners to increase their practice revenues, cut down overheads, and expand general productivity by our effective billing. We by credentialing facility streamline your workflows and support you to make better business and clinical decisions for positive medical practice. Our web-based system allows you to record each and every expense during treating a patient for recovery purpose. Due to professional work of our team, perfect coding, and timely submission of claims, on time and complete reimbursement can be expected.

Maxremind Specialities in Preventive Healthcare Billing

MaxRemind has a number of specialties for preventive healthcare billing that make us more reliable than others. Our automated system is simple, comprehensive and specialized. The online access allows you to enter any data or claim from your own system whenever you feel easy. As soon as you make an entry for the claim, our expert evaluates that for eligibility cover. Our rule-based scrubber checks each entry and highlight if any error occurs in that information. All the issues which can create any denial or delays are removed immediately to get you paid timely. Electronic health records software is a wide-ranging scientific computerized resolution to effortlessly link patients, financiers, laboratories, dispensaries, and other stakeholders at the same platform. Revenue cycle management system allows you to manage your staff schedules, patient appointments schedules, and any future follow-ups and treatments easily. You can send appointment reminders and wellness notices to your patients by this system. Prescribing drugs electronically and sending the prescription directly to a pharmacy and to patients is also easy by the system. All work done by our software as well as staff is fully certified and compliance with HIPAA and other regulatory authorities.

Cost-Effectiveness by MaxRemind

MaxRemind give you assurance of Cost-effectiveness for your preventive healthcare medicine by its revenue management cycle practice. Online access to the software and its simple and easy configuration decreases your extra labor cost of the billing procedure. The home-based system allows you to record each entry and expense of visiting any patient at their home, follow-ups, medical tests, and treatment given to them. We do perfect, customized coding for each claim with no error and on time. Online verification for eligibility of each claim makes it more clear and clean. Online payment facilitates payer to pay online with ease and comfort. You can keep in view the whole payment process by your system until completely paid. Old dues can also be claimed with specific rules and codes to get you paid completely.

Maxremind Software

MaxRemind’s own software has many valuable features. Electronic health record helps you to enter and update data easily. All the data entered is completely secured and protected for future use. Medical and financial Reports can be generated electronically at different time intervals. Immaterial problems can be managed automatically. Keeps your credentials up to date and complete for your business promotion. Interval checks on the system and modernizing keep it well versed with prevailing laws and new development in medicine. Our software is an end-to-end solution for all your billing problems.