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Medical Billing Services in Arizona

Smooth flow of funds is essential for a medical practice to grow efficiently. Quick and proficient claim submission with accurate codes through proper ways is mandatory. Technology is everywhere nowadays; therefore medical billing is also evolved with technical tools. Regulatory authorities are constantly changing the laws regarding medical billing. MaxRemind is the best option for your medical practice as we are equipped technically, having enough knowledge of compliance, and submit each claim with accurate codes. We are present in all major cities of Arizona including Tucson, Phoenix, Mesa, Glendale, Chandler, Scottsdale, and Tempe.

Benefit of outsourcing with MaxRemind

Outsourcing with MaxRemind can benefit your practice and streamline your revenues. We have technical driven strategies for your medical practice. Our quality services include credentialing, customized billing with accurate codes and financial reporting.

Simplify your Medical Practice with MaxRemind

We know all the complexities of medical billing in Arizona. We are here to simplify the billing process by taking all the essential steps. Our entire billing system is effective and expert along with state of the art technology. As soon as you enter in our system we process claim electronically with accurate codes. RBS in our system automatically detects if any error occurs in claim submission. We follow each processed bill until complete reimbursement is received by provider.

Frustration Free Medical Billing Services

A physician can deliver the best health care facilities, but may not perform billing activities as perfectly. MaxRemind is here to solve all your billing worries proficiently. Outsourcing with MaxRemind can make you free from all billing difficulties. We process all your bills with comprehensively after assessing each bill’s need. We take all the essential steps to get you paid faster and follow up on denials and refusals.

Outsource Medical Billing of your Independent Practice

If you are running an independent practice or thinking to do so MaxRemind is your best choice. We can increase your professional efficiency and reduces operational cost. With our revenue cycle management and practice management efficiency your independent practice will grow more rapidly. Accurate coding by our billers and coders can lessen the threat of denials and you will get maximum compensation.

Medical Billing Service for your New Practice

MaxRemind is a medical billing company with the best track record of serving medical practitioners around the globe, since three decades. Our services are for all type of medical practitioners. We will help you in initiating the steps of running your new practice. Our credentialing services will make you enroll with insurance companies in the USA. This service also makes you available to the patients. We not only offer billing solution but also help in practice management. Our services are for all types of medical specialties including family practice, chiropractic, gastroenterology, rheumatology, psychiatry, behavioral health services, surgery, gynecology, emergency medicine, etc.

Prior Verification of Insurance Eligibility

In present scenario insurance policies are persistently changing, we keep our staff fully aware of these changes. Prior verification by our expert can manage denial and refusal. Our expert billers and coders after receiving the bill, verify each claim to ensure the eligibility cover. This step reduces the chances of refusal and also save time.

Medical Billing with Expert and Reliable Team

MaxRemind has a team of professionally trained and certified billers and coders. Our experienced team remains focused on their work and we concentrate on continual education and training of our billers and coders. Our team is well aware of all codes and keeps their self-update with new changes in ICD-10 codes. MaxRemind’s billers and coders go through the needs of physicians and make billing strategies accordingly. Our team has technical support for an automated cloud-based system. We guarantee you complete assistance with professional support.

Assured Transparency

We assure you that all information and data given in our system is completely transparent and secured from any security thread. MaxRemind engineers save whole data on secure servers and accurately manage whole information for future use. All the given information can be maintained at any time when required by providers.

Compliance with HIPPA

Compliance is our vital value and we strictly follow all rules of regulatory authorities in Arizona. We stay up-to-date on all the latest changes in by-laws and latest informs. Our software is also developed according to compliance rules and we continually update our software with new changes in compliance, so keep you free from the worries of the audit.