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Medical Billing Services Iowa

MaxRemind is a premier billing company offering end-to-end billing as well as medical credentialing services to physicians of all specialites in all states USA including Iowa. We accelerate the whole billing operation and optimize your resources to get the best output. We identify the underdeveloped areas of your practice and fill the gap with the best strategies to increase the practice's overall cash collection. We have practice management expertise with excellent modest rates. We deal with all medical specialties. We are present in all big cities of Iowa including Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Davenport, and Sioux City. Our medical billing professionals and coders are round the clock available to assist you in all billing and administrative tasks.

Simplify your Medical Billing

Running a medical practice with successful billing supervision is a challenging job. Error-free Billing with accurate code is crucial to get fast payment. Outsourcing your medical billing will save your valued time and you can focus more on patient care. We make the billing process simple by automating billing procedures and other day-to-day works. Repeated tasks of daily routine like reminders, appointments and their confirmations are automated to save your time. We systemize the whole process and make you stress-free from the manual workload. Online scheduling of patients and electronic submission of claims added a lot in the simplifying process. The automated tracking system makes it easy to view the location of bills forwarded and health of practice can also be determined.

Error Free Billing with Accurate Codes

Error in the billing process leads to denials and delays which lay a bad impact on the provider's practice. This can be avoided by error-free and accurate medical billing. Our billers and coders take prior verification of all bills to ensure insurance coverage of that bill. This step is vital to avoid denials and also saves time. Accurate codes are given to each claim and submitted in real-time. All bills are submitted electronically which minimizes the chances of human errors. The automated RBS tool detects and identifies if any error appears and is immediately corrected. We follow each claim until you receive full reimbursement. Accurate and error-free coding by our staff minimize threats of non-payments and optimize revenues.

Comprehensive Practice Management Solution

We are not only a medical billing company but also offer a complete and comprehensive practice management solution for your practice. Whether you are an established physician or want to start a new practice, we are here to give you complete guidance to streamline your business. We deal with all specialties of medicine and all types of medical practices. Our automated software is designed to give you complete assistance for your practice and will achieve the health of your practice. We automate all your administrative tasks and modify all steps of practice management and billing process from the primary scheduling and patient’s arrangements.

Improved Credentialing and Amplified Compliance

MaxRemindCredentialing plays a lot in your achievement story. Our credentialing services are best from the rest. We assist you in all stages of getting license and enrollment with insurance companies and regulatory authorities. Our turnaround time for credentialing is shortest. We are fully compliance and follow all rules applicable to billing. We and our software in compliance with HIPAA rules. We monitor all activities and held internal and external audits for your practice. Our improved compliance policies save you from audit regrets and litigation disputes.

Proficient and Result Driven Technology

Along with the improvement and up-gradation of technology, we have also adopted the state of the art technology tools. Every step of practice management and billing is automated and technically evolved. Our software is very simple, user-friendly and result oriented. Bills are submitted electronically and followed by a tracking system. Reports are generated to review the health of a practice. Our automated services include RBS, DA manager, EFT, online cash payment, cash postings, and periodic medical and financial reports. The whole process of billing and managing the process is transparent and confidential.

Faster Turnaround Time

Time matters in all matters including medical billing. Timely submitted claims and their turnaround time effects practice directly. We believe in time management and work to get your reimbursement on the time. As soon as you serve patients and forward a bill to us, we swiftly forward that claim with accurate codes. Our first-time submission success rate is 98% that is highest in the industry. All claims are followed by our billers and coders effectively and with proper proofs to get you paid fast.