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CRNA Billing

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CRNA Billing Services

Coding and repayment rules change consistently, hence physicians must stay careful as changes happen and new data and assets become accessible. MaxRemind provides outsourcing services to medical billing of CRNAs, and also support their administrations accurately. Because of the complex nature, and the broad and specialized nature of coding for administrations, we take full care of your billable amount. MaxRemind due to its experience and expert team of medical billing professionals can distinguish all issues related to CRNA billing.

Benefits of Outsourcing CRNA Billing with MaxRemind

MaxRemind will benefit your CRNA practice by a customized and complete solution for the CRNA billing. We help practitioners in increasing their cash flow through our comprehensive medical billing solution. We provide group as well as individual credentialing facilities in all states of the USA. We will assist you and your staff in all data entry stages and gathering of patients' demographics. We allocate accurate CPT and ICD codes to all of your CRNA claims. Our dedicated and expert staff follow each claim properly and effectively. We handle and respond to all patient queries. From the patient entry to the cash posting, we are responsible for each step of cash collection and revenue generation.

Fast and Value-Added Provider Credentialing

MaxRemind fully understands the value and worth of credentialing for the provider. It is the first and most important step to establish a link between the patient, payer, and practitioners. We know how to document and manage the process of credentialing successfully. We will organize and process all documents for credentialing and will provide you this service within minimum time. We will make you registered with the insurer and make you enrolled with regulatory authorities to legalize you for the revenue collection procedure. We will simplify this complicated and time taking process by electronic processing. Automated tracking of the documents and reports is also available within our system. We also provide a Re-credentialing facility at the time you upgrade your certification.

Practice Management Assistance for CRNA Providers

MaxRemind will assist your staff and take the entire responsibility of managing all your managerial and back-office tasks. As patient enters into your clinic, we will help you obtaining and recording all of their data in an automated system. We will free you from all the administrative tasks and you can more concisely focus on your patients. We will maintain, update and transfer patient information when required. From scheduling, patients appointments, reminders to an emergency our system will help you handle easily. With our practice management solution, your extra cost will be minimized, human error will be reduced and time will be saved.

CRNA & Anesthesiologist Specialized Software

Using cloud-based automated software, committed staff and electronic documenting MaxRemind will take all steps to maximize your revenue and simplifies the billing process. Utilizing medical billing software, our staff looks for 100% responsibility for effective claims administration. Working with youradministration area, we will set up a procedure to guarantee the catch-all things considered. Best financial and creation reports are key components to direct your exercise. Every month, MaxRemind works with customers to assess their month-end and year-to-date financials and efficiency reports. Our software is specialized CRNA medical billing. All changing CPT codes are updated regularly to forward claim error-free.

Revenue Cycle Management

The revenue cycle is a procedure of activities used to transform the clinical case into income. In our amplified RCM, the cases are coded and the information section of the data is cultivated. Next, claims are recorded with the protection bearer. Our revenue cycle management is a series of systematic process from coding, information records, and follow up of claims, cash collection, and payment postings. Our revenue cycle management process increases your productivity and cash flows. Our billers and coders take prior eligibility verification that reduces the chances of denials and delays.

Accurate Coding and Real Time Claim Submission

Accurate and real-time claim submission increases the chances of cash collection. We take complete care of the accuracy and precision of CRNA codes. Our coders and billers submit real-time claims to ensure fast cash collection. We keep our billing and coding staff well informed with the changing codes by regular training. Our software is regularly updated with the new codes and rules of HIPAA. We are always busy to get you paid fast and full reimbursement.