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Why Outsource Electrophysiology Medical Billing Services

We are an award-winning Electrophysiology outsourcing medical billing company with many offices across the USA and offer medical billing, medical credentialing, medical account receivable, and practice management services.

MaxRemind® is rated as one of the top Electrophysiology Medical Billing companies in USA. We have the right blend of award-winning medical billers, credentialing specialists, and certified coders which makes us a unique one-stop solution for hundreds of our healthcare providers, spread across 50 states.

In 2010, we entered medical billing and credentialing knowing one thing – we wanted to operate with hard work, transparency, and integrity. These founding beliefs have been instrumental in our success, creating an experience for our physicians, nurse practitioners, labs, and hospital facilities unparalleled in the medical billing industry. From offering medical billing and credentialing services for small healthcare practices, and clinics we entered to full-scale billing companies across the nation, we’ve continued to grow and show no signs of slowing down.

Top-rank Electrophysiology Outsourcing Medical Billing Company

Electrophysiology Medical Billing is constantly shifting, and to keep up, you need a strong Electrophysiology Medical Billing partner near your healthcare practice. You need an Electrophysiology Medical Billing team that can move fast to identify and leverage growth opportunities for your healthcare practice. That’s where MaxRemind® top-rank medical billing company comes in. MaxRemind® is a medical billing company serving healthcare specialists across the nation. Our expertise, combined with billing, credentialing, prior authorization, and practice management, helps healthcare practices successfully succeed.

Electrophysiology Medical Credentialing Services Company

MaxRemind® top-rank medical billing and credentialing company has an expert electrophysiology credentialing team, that will verify and validate the qualifications, training, and experience of our healthcare professionals who specialize in electrophysiology. Electrophysiology is a branch of cardiology that focuses on diagnosing and treating heart rhythm disorders.

Medical credentialing is an essential procedure that ensures electrophysiologists meet specific standards and requirements set by regulatory bodies, healthcare organizations, and insurance companies. Credentialing helps to establish a healthcare professional's credibility, competence, and eligibility to provide specialized services in their field. Electrophysiology medical credentialing services typically involve the following steps:

Electrophysiologist Credentialing Application: Electrophysiologists interested in obtaining electrophysiology credentials, our credentialing experts submit an application to the credentialing organization or entity. This application includes information such as educational background, training, board certifications, licenses, and work history.

Primary Source Verification: The credentialing organization performs primary source verification to authenticate the information provided by the healthcare provider. This involves contacting educational institutions, licensing boards, and other relevant sources to verify degrees, certifications, licenses, and other credentials.

Peer Review: The healthcare provider's application and credentials are reviewed by a committee of experienced electrophysiologists or experts in the field. The peer review process ensures that the healthcare provider meets the necessary qualifications and standards for practicing electrophysiology.

Credentialing Decision: Based on the application, primary source verification, and peer review, a credentialing decision is made. If the healthcare provider meets all the requirements, they are granted electrophysiology credentials.

Ongoing Monitoring: Once credentialed, healthcare providers are typically subject to ongoing monitoring to ensure they maintain their qualifications and adhere to ethical and professional standards. This may involve periodic reevaluation, continuing education requirements, and performance assessments.

Electrophysiology medical credentialing services are crucial for maintaining patient safety and ensuring that healthcare providers in this specialized field possess the necessary skills and expertise. By going through the credentialing process, healthcare professionals can demonstrate their proficiency in electrophysiology and gain recognition as qualified specialists in their field.

Electrophysiology Medical Account Receivable Services Company

MaxRemind® an Electrophysiology Medical Account Receivable Services Company, we are a specialist A/R company that offers financial management and collection services to electrophysiologists in the field of electrophysiology. MaxRemind® expert medical account receivable team assists healthcare practices and facilities in effectively managing their accounts receivable, which are the outstanding payments owed by patients, insurance companies, or other entities for medical services rendered. We provide the following services.

Accounts Receivable Follow-up: MaxRemind® experienced team tracks and follows up on outstanding accounts receivable to ensure prompt payment. They contact patients or insurance companies to resolve any billing inquiries, disputes, or discrepancies and negotiate payment plans when necessary.

Denial Management: In cases where insurance claims are denied, our experts investigate the reasons for the denial and take appropriate action to rectify the situation. This may involve appealing denials, providing additional documentation, or re-submitting claims with necessary modifications.

Financial Reporting: The company generates financial reports for healthcare providers, offering insights into the status of their accounts receivable, reimbursement trends, and financial performance. These reports help healthcare providers make informed decisions and optimize their revenue cycle management.

Compliance and Regulatory Support: An Electrophysiology Medical Account Receivable Services Company ensures compliance with relevant healthcare regulations, such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and billing and coding guidelines. They stay updated on industry changes and help healthcare providers navigate the complex regulatory landscape.

What CPT Codes are Used By Electrophysiologists in Medical Billing For Reimbursement?

Electrophysiology Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes are standardized codes used to report and bill for specific electrophysiology procedures and services performed by electrophysiologists. These codes are developed and maintained by the American Medical Association (AMA) and are widely used across the healthcare industry. Here are some commonly used CPT codes for electrophysiology procedures:

Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA) Procedures:

CPT Code: Procedure

93620:     Electrophysiologic evaluation of the transvenous pacing system, including defibrillation threshold evaluation with multiple induction and/or pacing sites, with or without induction of arrhythmia.

CPT Code: Procedure

93651:     Intracardiac catheter ablation of atrioventricular node function, including associated bypass tracts, when performed.

93653:     Intracardiac catheter ablation of ventricular tachycardia; initial, single focus.

93654:     Intracardiac catheter ablation of ventricular tachycardia; each additional focus. Insertion and Removal of Pacemaker or Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillator (ICD):

33206:     Insertion of new or replacement of permanent pacemaker with transvenous electrode(s); atrial.

33207:     Insertion of new or replacement of permanent pacemaker with transvenous electrode(s); ventricular.

33208:     Insertion of new or replacement of permanent pacemaker with transvenous electrode(s); atrial and ventricular.

33233:     Insertion of new or replacement of permanent implantable defibrillator system, single chamber.

Diagnostic Cardiac Mapping:

CPT Code: Procedure

93613:     Intracardiac electrophysiological study, including induction and recording of supraventricular or ventricular tachycardia, when performed; with 3-dimensional mapping.

Why Prefer MaxRemind As Your Electrophysiologist Billing Outsourcing Company

Medical billing Outsourcing services are great for healthcare professionals who offer healthcare services across the nation, healthcare practices looking to expand their footprint, or large clinics who would rather focus on their core healthcare services and leave the medical billing to the experts. MaxRemind® top-rank medical billing company since 2010 and has experience in providing unparalleled medical billing and credentialing services to healthcare specialists across the nation. Our 15+ years of experience has helped us understand medical billing and credentialing like no other company and hence we provide measurable financial results.

Cost Saving: Save your healthcare practice expenses on staff, time and overheads on running healthcare practice operations.

Comprehensive Medical Billing Services: We provide free practice audit services, credentialing, and prior authorization services.

Efficient Practice Management: We provide complete practice management services.