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Looking for Mental Billing Services Company for your Mental Healthcare Practice?

If you want to boost your mental health practice revenue with our mental health billing services, you need to have an effective and expert medical billing team. Finding the right mental health billing company will help your healthcare practice grow financially. If you pick the wrong medical billing consulting company, your health mental healthcare practice will be out of thousands of dollars. With so many mental health billing companies in the market, how do you make the right choice? We offer mental health billing services across the nation.

When searching for an experienced and effective mental health billing company locally, focus on physician financial results over promises. Companies with great knowledge, deep experience will have proven records to show they understand exactly how it all works. We know the medical billing and credentialing and our experts update their knowledge on a daily basis. Mental health billing is complicated; you need a company that knows the medical billing industry to push your mental healthcare practice top financially.

We know what it takes to increase your mental health practice financials. We are locals and we have over 15+ years of experience in mental health medical billing and credentialing, we have worked with hundreds of mental health physicians. Don’t waste your time with other mental health billing companies when we have the proven track record to get your mental health practice to grow financially, at a fast speed.

Why our Mental Health Physicians rate us as a #1 Mental Health Billing Company

MaxRemind is a full-service mental health billing company dedicated to aggressively trusted by physicians. We look for our medical billing partners that push us to do our best work. Our mental health billing company is always upfront and honest about what it will take to get your healthcare practice financial results.

  • Our mental health billing services cost is lower than our competitors but our value, knowledge, transparency, and expertise are high.
  • Customized Medical Billing Plans – we use strategies that are data-driven using proven practices that need to fit your mental healthcare practice budget and goal.
  • Constantly evolving practices for practice audit, so every process will be accurate.
  • We have billing experts, credentialing specialists, prior authorization analysis so you work with the team to get your healthcare practice to new heights.
  • Up-to-date and excellent innovative use of medical billing software
  • Fast, reliable, long term and dedicated.
Mental Health Credentialing Services

MaxRemind® top-rank US-based Mental Health Credentialing Company has an expert team of credentialing specialists they are specialized in providing credentialing services to our mental health professionals. Our company helps mental health providers navigate the complex process of verifying and validating their qualifications, licenses, and credentials to practice in their respective fields. Here are the key services offered by our mental health credentialing team.

Application Assistance: Our mental health credentialing experts assist mental health professionals in completing and submitting credentialing applications to relevant organizations, such as insurance companies, healthcare facilities, and regulatory bodies. They ensure that all required information is accurately and comprehensively provided.

Verification of Credentials: Our medical credentialing specialists perform primary source verification of the mental health provider's credentials, including education, training, licenses, certifications, and work history. They contact educational institutions, licensing boards, and other relevant sources to confirm the authenticity and validity of the provided information.

Compliance with Standards: Our specialists also help mental health professionals meet the specific standards and requirements set by regulatory bodies and healthcare organizations. They ensure that all necessary documentation and qualifications are in place, such as adherence to state licensing regulations, continuing education requirements, and professional standards.

Insurance Panel Enrollment: Many mental health providers seek to join insurance panels to expand their patient base. We also assist in the enrollment process by liaising with insurance companies, submitting necessary paperwork, and ensuring compliance with panel requirements.

Ongoing Monitoring and Maintenance: Once credentialed, mental health professionals need to maintain their credentials. Our credentialing company provides ongoing monitoring to ensure that licenses and certifications remain valid and up to date. They help with recredentialing processes, continuing education tracking, and any required updates or renewals.

Credentialing Consultation: We also offer guidance and consultation to mental health professionals, addressing questions and concerns related to the credentialing process. They provide information on best practices, regulatory changes, and strategies for successful credentialing.

Mental Health Medical Account Receivable Services Company

MaxRemind, Mental Health Account Receivable Company has a specialized team that offers financial management and collection services to mental health practices and professionals. These companies assist in managing the accounts receivable process, which involves tracking and collecting payments from patients, insurance companies, and other entities for mental health services provided. Here are the key services provided by MaxRemind®.

Billing and Coding: We and our experts ensures accurate billing and coding for mental health services rendered. They translate the provided services into appropriate billing codes, submit claims to insurance companies, and handle any claim rejections or denials.

Claims Management: We will manage the entire claims process, including claim submission, tracking, and follow-up. They work with insurance companies to ensure timely reimbursement and resolve any issues that may arise during the claims adjudication process.

Patient Billing and Collections: We have an expert team of mental health A/R specialists, they will handle patient billing, including generating invoices and statements for services rendered. They establish and maintain efficient billing systems, handle inquiries from patients regarding their bills, and implement collection strategies for outstanding balances.

Insurance Follow-up: Our medical accounts receivable experts follows up with insurance companies to ensure timely payment and resolve any claim disputes or discrepancies. They track claim status, communicate with insurance representatives, and provide any necessary documentation or additional information required for claim processing.

Denial Management: In cases where insurance claims are denied, our A/R investigates the reasons for the denial and takes appropriate action to rectify the situation. This may involve appealing denials, providing additional documentation, or resubmitting claims with necessary modifications.

Financial Reporting: The company generates financial reports for mental health practices, providing insights into accounts receivable, reimbursement trends, and overall financial performance. These reports assist in making informed decisions and optimizing revenue cycle management.

Compliance and Regulatory Support: As an Mental Health Account Receivable Company we make ensures compliance with relevant healthcare regulations, such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and billing and coding guidelines. They stay updated on industry changes and help practices navigate the complex regulatory landscape.

What CPT Codes are Used by Mental Health Physicians in Mental Health Medical Billing?

Current Procedural Terminology codes are used to describe medical procedures and services provided by healthcare professionals. While there are no specific CPT codes exclusively for mental health conditions, there are codes used to describe mental health services and procedures. Here are some commonly used CPT codes related to mental health: Evaluation and Management Codes:

CPT Code: Procedure

90791:     Psychiatric diagnostic evaluation (initial evaluation)

90792:     Psychiatric diagnostic evaluation with medical services (initial evaluation with medical services)

Psychotherapy Codes:

CPT Code Procedure

90832:     Psychotherapy, 30 minutes (typically used for individual therapy)

90834:     Psychotherapy, 45 minutes (typically used for individual therapy)

90837:     Psychotherapy, 60 minutes (typically used for individual therapy)

90847:     Family psychotherapy (with the patient present)

Psychiatric Services Codes:

CPT Code     Procedure

99201-99215: Evaluation and management services for psychiatry (varying levels of complexity)

90839:     Psychotherapy for crisis (first 60 minutes)

90846:     Family psychotherapy without the patient present

It's important to note that these codes may vary based on specific requirements and guidelines from insurance providers or healthcare systems. It's best to consult with our mental health coding professional for accurate and up-to-date information on CPT codes for mental health services.

Why Outsource Mental Health Billing Services with MaxRemind?

At MaxRemind®, we specialize in providing result-oriented mental health billing outsourcing services that help healthcare practices of all sizes achieve their financial goals. By outsourcing your mental health billing to us, you can save time, resources, and money, while getting access to the expertise and experience of our team of mental health billing specialists.

Our mental health outsourced billing services are designed to deliver measurable financial results, with a focus on improving your healthcare practice revenue and patient trust. When you choose MaxRemind® mental health billing company as your billing partner, you can rest assured that you're working with a team of professionals who are committed to delivering the best possible financial results for your healthcare practice.

Why Choose MaxRemind as Your Mental Health Billing Company?

What sets our mental health medical billing company apart from other companies? Aside from our dependable process, we have other an experienced and expert team that makes us more reliable than other mental health billing companies.

Finally, we’re a mental health billing outsourcing company based in the Texas, USA. This makes us more cost-effective than other options. The recent interest in outsourcing billing, provides us with a talented pool of billing and coding experts ready to provide your business with effective and accurate billing services.