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Naturopathic Medical Billing

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Naturopath Medical Billing Services

Naturopathic practitioners are regulated beneath the health professions act together with clinical doctors, dentists, nurses, and other healthcare specialists. Therefore, maximum personal insurance agencies will cover provider charges for naturopathic doctors under extended health coverage plans. Naturopathic services also are included by using several organization plans subsidized by employers, unions, and associations. Research has shown that naturopathic medicinal drug is a fee-effective sustainable healthcare transport device and some of the organization and individual health insurance plans are starting to growth insurance for naturopathic offerings. MaxRemind provides all sorts of naturopathic medical billing to the practitioners whose insurance companies allow direct billing. We provide all billing and related services to the naturopaths to enhance their cash collections and smoothen their practice problems.

Naturopath medical billing for all Types of treatments you offer

Direct billing for a naturopath is a more convenient way as it consumes less time for reimbursement. Direct billing is not only beneficial for the practitioners but also for the patient. We offer direct billing facilities to all types of services a naturopath offers like

  • Massage therapy
  • Naturopathic medicine
  • Acupuncture
  • Physiotherapy
  • Chiropractic
  • Custom foot orthotics
  • Counseling and psychotherapy
  • Lifestyle counseling
  • Botanical medicine
  • Lab testing
  • Physical exam

Increase Revenue and Decrease Expenses By Our Billing Services

Naturopaths can now fully automate their manually dealt with responsibilities with the aid of our complete cloud-based exercise control systems and billing services specially designed for naturopaths. From preliminary appointment scheduling to patient’s records or even billing details, you can cope with all administrative tasks the usage of our smart EHR and exercise management structures. We will help you manage all of your payments for the services you render to the sufferers. Our whole billing answer helps you increase your sales and reduce the charges. We help you in prompt series of cash via forwarding each declares at once.

Comprehensive Billing Solution for Naturopaths

We offer a complete and comprehensive billing solution for naturopaths to deliver the best results. By our amplified services you will get improve collection and your operational costs will reduce. We will help you automate all administrative tasks. Our billers and coders ensure error-free specified coding and on-time billing to minimize the chances of denials and delays. By our comprehensive and trusted services, you can get improved patient satisfaction. Our naturopath expert billers and coders are completely dedicated to optimizing your financial growth. We will provide you complete reporting of financial and practice management reporting to keep you aware of all matters and financial health of your practice.

Credentialing of Naturopaths and Compliance with HIPPA

Credentialing is as much important for any physician as getting certification and expertise of medicine. Credentialing allows naturopaths to be listed and enrolled with insurance companies for direct billing. Credentialing is a complex and time taking process and it needs accurate knowledge about the procedure and documentation required for the process. We at MaxRemind has the expert credentialing team to get you enrolled fast and with proper documentation. We are fully abiding by the laws and rules of HIPAA and our software is compliant too.

Increased Efficiency for your Naturopathic Practice

Accurate coding and real-time billing are acute for the growth of any medical practice. Real-time billing is a basic tool to collect complete cash collection. Most of the cash is leaked in the procedure of getting reimbursement and cause great cash drop for practitioners. We are focused to maximize your revenue, lessen your expenses, grow your collections, and enhance the efficiency of your naturopathic practice. Our medical billing services are exceptional solution. Our group of professionals will help grow your efficiency with the aid of taking manipulate of complicated billing matters, and an unrivaled generation platform will help enhance your sales.

Entirely Incorporated Practice Management System

Outsource your naturopath direct billing with MaxRemind and maintain yourself strain-unfastened and contented to focus extra on the patient’s health. We process each day claims submission, comply with-up, and take earlier verification of every claim. We ahead Primary, secondary and tertiary payers declare processing and frequently updated regulations-primarily based engine to wash any errors while it occurs. Rules-primarily based claim review and scrubbing on coding errors and our coders right away correct it. We have developed denial and under payment to cope with rejected and behind schedule claims and correctly enhancement towards delays and denials. Our billers and coders do cash posting in your account and give reminder calls to a patient for balance bills. Along with all automated offerings like on-line insurance eligibility verification, real-time declare adjudication, and clearing house integration, we have dedicated account teams to cope with paper and electronic statements. We offer every day, monthly, and economic reports.