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Optometry Medical Billing

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Optometry Medical Billing Services

MaxRemind provides the best medical billing services to optometry practitioners throughout the USA. We have expertise and knowledge of dealing optometry medical billing effectively. We can solve all your billing issues that your staff cannot handle. If you are facing the problem of uncontrolled account receivables or you are losing your profits than MaxRemind is your wise choice for the optometry billing. We offer complete assistance to you and your staff for controlling your claim submission and cash collection. We help you in streamlining your practice and increasing your practice's health. Our expert team of billers and coders are well versed with the billing knowledge as well as the use of modern gadgets for optimization of your revenues. We are present in all cities and states of the USA to help you cope with all billing and cash collection issues.

MaxRemind Optometry Billing Services

Our optometry medical billing services are a combination of result-oriented actions to maximize your cash collection. It includes the following important steps

  • Free scheduler for clean eligibility checking for those with troubles checking eligibility
  • Optimized compensation/compliance through the expertise of routine vs systematic visits
  • Appealing denials for the scientific necessity
  • Helping to train the front table for optimum co-pay series up the front
  • Helping patients to apprehend their balances
  • Experts inside the coding regulations/necessities for the various coverage providers
  • Aiding in taking gain of Meaningful Use and PQRS

Simplify your Revenue Cycle Management with MaxRemind

You need not pay a huge amount to your billing staff for the paper or manual work. We will automate all your billing and management processes to help you manage all your tasks easily and simply. The success of your claims depends on the prior verification of insurance coverage and proper scrubbing to avoid errors. The effective appeal process is also crucial in getting fast and complete reimbursement. Our medical billing revenue cycle containing correct price-capture, accurate coding to each claim,and digital filing of claims, patient billing, multi-tiered enchantment procedure, denial removal tasks, and compliance requirements is the prescription for simplification of your revenue cycle. This systematic process will improve your revenue to a greater extent and will boost your practice growth.

Optimize Your Optometry Practice’s Revenue

MaxRemind is the biggest, oldest and most experienced outsourced optometry billing company in the United State. By making sure our clients acquire the maximum reimbursements for claims, we enable them to consciousness on expanding, shopping for the first-class gadget, spending extra time with character sufferers, and making the money that they deserve. Our final aim has been and always may be to maximize our customers’ revenue. We make customized strategies for your specialized medical services after reviewing your needs. We find the weak point in the cash collection process and fix them promptly to get you complete and fast reimbursement.

Insurance Credentialing for New and Established Practitioners

Credentialing and re-credentialing both are important and complex step for the establishment of healthy practice. We provide best, fast and effective credentialing services to all practitioners including optometric specialists. We keep your all credentialing up-to-date and according to the needs of compliance. If you are new and want to establish your practice, we will manage all your documentation and will arrange your credentialing. We will get you enrolled with insurance companies and other paying authorities. We also help you with registration with all regulatory authorities. Whenever your credentialing will expire, we will provide you re-credentialing services.

MaxRemind Optometry Patient Reporting Services

We provide a complete solution and comprehensive services to optometry specialists. We will give appointment reminders to your patient on your behalf and will help you inpatient management in all matters from the initial entry of patient's demographics to issuing those reports. We issue financial reports to you to reconcile with your account statement. The whole process of charging, calculating and cash posting is automated to avoid human errors and delays. We effectively monitor all receivables to review their position. An online cash depositing facility is available through our software. You can view your cash transactions, their location and accurate details by our software.

Fast and Comprehensive Reimbursement for Optometry Medical Services

We ensure your comprehensive and fast cash reimbursement for your optometry medicine and treatment. An effective optometry billing is important nowadays because of tough competition and strict compliance rules. We are fully compliant with HIPAA and conduct regular audits to ensure compliance. Our expert and skilled billers and coders deal with all claims, bills and account receivables in an operative manner that you can focus more attentively on your patients. We not only save your time and expenses but also keep you safe from litigation issues. Rely on us, and we will increase your cash collection and will streamline and smoothen your practice management.