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Streamlined Physical Therapy Billing Services for Enhanced Practice Management

MaxRemind’s top-rank Physical Therapy Medical Billing Company provides quality medical billing services that ultimately boost your healthcare practice revenue. We’ll make sure that you get maximum reimbursement for the healthcare services you have provided to patients. MaxRemind’s Physical Therapy Billing services deliver revenue, that’s our specialty. Whereas other physical therapy medical billing companies tend to be myopic and focus only on basic medical billing, we look at the bigger picture and provide credentialing, patient management, prior authorization, and complete practice management services. MaxRemind’s goals go beyond medical billing service. At the end of the day, we give you what your healthcare practice really needs, patient satisfaction, an increase in revenue, data security, and most importantly we follow HIPPA compliance for the trust and security of our medical billing partners.

Here at MaxRemind, we don’t believe in using old medical billing software, our Physical Therapy Medical Billing team is highly expert in the latest version of all medical billing software used by physical therapists. We have 10+ years of experience in medical billing and have a deep understanding of your healthcare practice, by partnering with MaxRemind billing company you have more time for patients and you are free from the billing headache.

We don’t just give you revenue, we bring you patients trust who are ready to become your practice members because of quality care and trust. By finding out how your practice grows, how your practice revenue grows, how your patients trust increases, how your practice becomes a leader in the region, and how you compete in the healthcare market is our responsibility, you just need to focus on patient care the main responsibility.

Physical Therapy Medical Billing Company

MaxRemind is recognized as one of the Physical Therapy Medical Billing Companies. Being a Top medical billing agency, we believe our most valuable asset is a satisfied physical therapist. And this is why it has allowed us to have a long list of satisfied healthcare specialists across the nation that believe in our medical billing and credentialing services and always choose to rely on us.

What separates us from the crowd is the top-notch Physical Therapy Medical Billing and Credentialing services that we provide to our healthcare specialists. We allow our healthcare billing partners to stay updated throughout the billing and credentialing, and they become able to see real-time financial results. We assign a dedicated Physical Therapist Billing manager so healthcare specialists can stay updated on the practice’s financial progress and statistics. Our healthcare specialist will get the following benefits from us:

  • Competitive pricing for all services.
  • Quality financial results based on your healthcare practice needs.
  • Dedicated team of physical therapy billing experts for each practice.
  • Hassle-free healthcare client onboarding.
  • Quick response time 24/7.
  • Access to the best medical billing and credentialing resource.
  • Ability to focus on core healthcare practice.
  • Cost savings
  • Wide range of services, medical billing, credentialing, and prior authorization.
Physical Therapy Credentialing Services

MaxRemind’s Physical Therapy credentialing team is specialize in verifying the qualifications, experience, and credentials of physical therapists in all states of USA. We help healthcare organizations ensure that their physical therapists are properly licensed and trained to provide quality care to patients. Our physical therapy credentialing experts typically verify education and training, licensure and certifications, work history, and malpractice history. Our company can also provide ongoing monitoring and re-credentialing services to ensure that providers maintain their qualifications over time.

Physical Therapy Prior Authorization Services

MaxRemind top-rank medical billing company in the USA has an expert team of prior authorization services that will obtain approval from insurance companies before certain medical procedures or treatments can be performed by our therapists. Our therapists and we know that insurance companies require prior authorization to ensure that the procedure or treatment is medically necessary and appropriate for the patient's condition, and to determine coverage and cost-sharing responsibilities.

Our prior authorization team typically submits a request to the insurance company with documentation of the patient's medical history, diagnosis, and treatment plan. The insurance company reviews the request and may ask for additional information or clarification before making a decision regarding treatment.

What CPT-Codes are Used by Physical Therapists in Physical Therapy Billing?

Physical therapy CPT codes are five-digit codes used by healthcare providers to describe and bill for physical therapy services. CPT stands for Current Procedural Terminology and is maintained by the American Medical Association. Some common CPT codes used for physical therapy services include:

CPT-Code Procedure
97110 - Therapeutic exercises: exercises designed to improve strength, flexibility, and range of motion.
97112 - Neuromuscular reeducation: exercises that help the brain and muscles communicate more effectively to improve movement and coordination.
97116 - Gait training: exercises designed to improve a patient's ability to walk or move safely and efficiently.
97530 - Therapeutic activities: activities designed to improve functional abilities, such as balance, coordination, and endurance.
97140 - Manual therapy: hands-on techniques used to treat soft tissue and joint restrictions, such as massage or mobilization.
97010 - Hot or cold packs: application of hot or cold packs to help reduce pain and inflammation.

These codes are used to describe specific physical therapy services and are used to bill insurance companies and patients for these services. By using standardized codes, healthcare providers can accurately and efficiently communicate the services they provided and ensure proper reimbursement.

Why Outsource Physical Therapy Billing? Physical Therapy Billing Outsourcing USA

The advantage of working with the best Physical Therapy Billing Outsourcing Company is that you are working with a company and not just one single Physical Therapy Billing specialist. Also, will you free yourself of the time and trouble of hiring and training process of medical billing professionals, and buying expense medical billing software, but your contact will be part of a larger team of medical billing and credentialing professionals. Physical Therapy Billing outsourcing companies are often composed of a team that works together, for the success of therapists.

A-Full Service Physical Therapy Billing Company

Again, you’ll be working with a team of Physical Therapy billing professionals, once you work with A full-service billing company, also have the advantage of it. However, our billing team will be able to accommodate all of your healthcare practice needs like medical billing, credentialing, patient management, prior authorization, payment posting, and complete practice management.

You’ll likely have one main point of contact MaxRemind, we will manage all your account and coordinate all the medical billing, credentialing, and other services you require. This will allow you to acquire all services and your desire to achieve your unique financial goals for your healthcare practice. Outsourcing Physical Therapy Billing services to MaxRemind means you’ll work closely with a regular agency.

7 Tips for Physical Therapy Billing Outsourcing Services

Now that you know about the different options for outsourcing Physical Therapy Billing services, check out these tips for finding the best billing partner, for managing your practice medical billing:

  • Check the Medical Billing Company’s portfolio.
  • Read Therapists online reviews and testimonials.
  • View medical billing prices.
  • Analyze practice billing and current performance.
  • How they will track financial results.
  • Try to ask practice audit.