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Pulmonary Rehabilitation Medical Billing

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Pulmonary Rehabilitation Medical Billing Services

Ever-changing rules and regulations of regulatory authorities for the reimbursement of pulmonary rehabilitation is a very complex and technical process. MaxRemind pays special attention to rules, regulations, and codes to simplify the reimbursement process. We take pre-approvals, study referrals, calculate all costs, read the medical treatment and prescription, and get the number of visits to accurately calculate the amount of reimbursement. We have massive experience to ensure accurate claim compliance for maximizing reimbursement. We have expertly handled all challenges of pulmonary rehabilitation medical billing. Our integrated web-based technologies added extra advancement in maximizing your revenues.

Compliance and Credentialing for Pulmonary Rehabilitation Practitioners

We are completely compliant with HIPAA rules and strictly follow all new changes as soon as they occur. Our specialized web-based software is fully compliant with the rules of HIPAA. We take proper internal and external audits to confirm the compliance and issue reports to keep you aware of the data. We offer credentialing facilities to new establishing practices with complete services packages. We arrange all documents required for the credentialing and forward them to be registered with insurance and paying companies and with regulatory authorities. When your credentialing will expire, we provide re-credentialing services to renew them.

Accurate Coding and Real Time Submission of Pulmonary Rehabilitation Billing

Accuracy in medical billing and coding is the main key to get fast and complete claims reimbursement. We do accurate and precise coding and provide practitioners coding services those includes, on-going coding audits, in-patient coding, coding confirmations and evaluations, and ambulatory surgical coding. We provide strict excellence declaration through daily, weekly and monthly reports. We provide clean claims to assure fewer denials and delays. Due to our accurate coding and on time, submission of claims we guarantee that your operating cost will be reduced to many extents. Our quality assurance verification confirms a faster turnaround time.

Insurance Verification and Pre-Authorizations

The protection check and pre-approval process are basic to each practice’s primary concern. Explaining the patient's special treatment and inclusion for novel clinical strategies before the factor of administration is the extreme basic advance to guarantee and successful production. Pre-approval or past endorsement is important to gather reimbursement for parcels non-crisis clinical strategies and contributions. Our proficient insurance verification experts call insurance agencies and get approvals most productively. We get administrative work rounded out, take a shot at customers' product and assemble data to acquire earlier endorsement. As a main protection approval organization, we work with all administration and privacy protections, for example, Medicare and Medicaid. Our billers and coders equally deal with protection online interfaces to assemble data and apply for approvals.

Comprehensive and Wide-Ranging Reimbursement Services

We provide complete billing and practice management services to prevent your financial losses, smoothen your practice matters, and increase your productiveness. We help your staff in all managerial tasks to automate the whole billing management procedure. Due to our integrated software solution, your extra cost of hiring more staff and other related issues reduced and your overall finances increase. For collecting all bills, we gather all the details of the medical services you provide to the patients. Our experts contact with payers and take pre-verification of the coverage amount. All claims are electronically submitted with proper documentation and are followed effectively. All these steps lead toward comprehensive and complete reimbursement within minimum time.

Why Choose MaxRemind for Pulmonary Rehabilitation Billing

We are providing result-oriented, amplified services to the practitioners of the USA for decades. We believe that your success is our success. We take all steps that can maximize your revenues and can boost your success. We have web-based cloud technology for all specialties including pulmonary rehabilitation. Our technical support can turn all your manual work in an automated form and you can focus more on your patients. All of your work from the initial appointment of the patient to the collection of cash everything can be monitored from everywhere and every time. We have a greater number of clean claims due to which we have minimal rejections and denials. Our clean claim policy increased cash collections, your revenues will increase by 23% more, and your cost will cut by 30% to 40%.