ONC EHR Certification and Costs

ONC EHR Certification and Costs


This Health IT Module is compliant with the ONC Certification Criteria for Health IT and has been certified by an ONC-ACB in accordance with the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. This certification does not represent an endorsement by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

ONC EHR Certification

The ONC Health IT Certification Program is a voluntary initiative established by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC). Its purpose is to certify health IT products, such as EHR systems, to ensure that they meet specific standards, implementation specifications, and certification criteria. This certification helps healthcare providers and users evaluate and select health IT products that adhere to defined technological capabilities, functionality, and security features as outlined by the ONC.

Structured data in EHRs refers to information that is organized and formatted in a consistent manner, making it easily retrievable, shareable, and transferable. This structured approach allows healthcare providers to efficiently access and transmit patient information, ultimately enhancing patient care and improving the overall healthcare delivery process. It also facilitates meaningful use of EHRs and promotes interoperability within the healthcare system.

In summary, the ONC Health IT Certification Program plays a crucial role in certifying health IT products, like EHR systems, to ensure they meet established standards and criteria, while structured data within EHRs allows for effective data management, retrieval, and sharing, ultimately benefiting both providers and patients.


MaxRemind Inc.

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Certification Date:

Oct 31, 2023


Clinical Processes - 170.315(a)
(a)(1) Computerized provider order entry – medications (a)(2) Computerized provider order entry – laboratory
(a)(3) Computerized provider order entry – diagnostic imaging (a)(4) Drug-drug, drug-allergy interaction checks for CPOE
(a)(5) Demographics (a)(9) Clinical decision support
(a)(12) Family health history (a)(14) Implantable device list
(a)(15) Social, psychological, and behavioral data
Care Coordination - 170.315(b)
(b)(1) Transitions of care (b)(2) Clinical information reconciliation and incorporation
(b)(10) Electronic health information export
Clinical Quality Measures - 170.315(c)
(c)(1) Clinical quality measures (CQMs) – record and export (c)(2) Clinical quality measures (CQMs) – import and calculate
(c)(3) Clinical quality measures (CQMs) – report
Privacy and Security - 170.315(d)
(d)(1) Authentication, access control, authorization (d)(2) Auditable events and tamper-resistance
(d)(3) Audit report(s) (d)(4) Amendments
(d)(5) Automatic access time-out (d)(6) Emergency access
(d)(7) End-user device encryption (d)(8) Integrity
(d)(9) Trusted connection (d)(10) Auditing actions on health information
(d)(12) Encrypt authentication credentials (d)(13) Multi-factor authentication
Patient Engagement - 170.315(e)
(e)(1) View, download, and transmit to 3rd party (e)(3) Patient health information capture
Public Health - 170.315(f)
(f)(1) Transmission to immunization registries (f)(2) Transmission to public health agencies – syndromic surveillance
(f)(3) Transmission to public health agencies – reportable laboratory tests and value/results
Health IT Design and Performance - 170.315(g)
(g)(2) Automated measure calculation (g)(3) Safety-enhanced design
(g)(4) Quality management system (ONC requirement for all products) (g)(5) Accessibility-centered design (ONC requirement for all products)
(g)(6) Consolidated CDA creation performance (g)(7) Application access – patient selection
(g)(9) Application access – all data request (g)(10) Standardized API for patient and population services
Electronic Exchange - 170.315(h)
(h)(1) Direct Project


Eligible Professional CQMs CMS ID Version
Diabetes: Hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) Poor Control (> 9%) CMS122 v11

Additional Software

Software Version Functionality Provided by 3rd Party Software
NewCrop 2.0 With NewCrop, we can give our prescribers the tools they need to make confident prescribing decisions. At-the-ready features like EPCS and real-time benefits add value to your EHR product offering and handle compliance burdens.
MaxMD 3.0 RESTful Service for sending and retrieving Direct messages, managing Direct mailbox.


These services encompass functionalities such as inputting patients' data, VDT (View/download/transmit) capabilities, clinical information reconciliation, secure messaging, and likely other essential features relevant to healthcare data management and communication. The monthly service fee covers the use and access to these features, ensuring the smooth operation and utilization of the certified product-version provided by Maximus.

This subscription-based model helps healthcare professionals efficiently manage patient information, communicate securely, and engage in activities necessary for effective healthcare delivery and compliance with healthcare standards and regulations. It ensures that healthcare practitioners have access to the tools and functionalities they need to provide quality care and manage their practices effectively.

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