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Medical Billing

Maxremind provides a flexible array of medical billing services to meet your specific needs, increases your practice revenue and gives fluency in claim processing.

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Medical Billing Services

Practitioners devote decades to perfect their expertise in the field and maintain a trustworthy practice while keeping themselves up-to-date with all the advancements in the field of medicine. But to compete and become a worthwhile Medical Practice, Medical billing is of vital importance. Healthcare industry is going through the continuous process of advancements and changes, we at Maxremind work for your payments so you can only care for the quality health of your patients.

We believe in submitting an error-free claim, but how?

Maxremind is a medical billing Company which provides the diverse medical billing services including Real-time eligibility and benefits verification, electronic medical billing for primary and secondary payers, claim scrubber, electronic remittance and EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) Setup with all payers which enhance the Revenue Cycle Management of the Practice. Powerful rule-based system; eligibility verification and appropriate use of modifiers enable the medical billing company to submit a clean claim which results in improved payments and 98.6% payer acceptance rate at first pass within 7 to 10 business days.

Moreover, our unremitting process of claim follow-up, well defined follow up procedures, timely insights in key performance indicators (KPI), timely patient billing, balance reminder calls to patients, account receivable insurance calls reduce the claim aging at insurance and patient ends.

Get faster payments and at premium rates with Maxremind medical billing services

Maxremind utilizes the Internet-based applications which link the medical billing company with physicians to manage patient and data on an integrated basis at every stage of the revenue cycle process from scheduling to the remittance process. Maxremind professional medical billing experts focus on submitting only error-free claims which enhance the revenue cycle of its clients and let them get faster payments at premium rates

Maxremind Exclusive Rules Engine transmutes your medical billing process

Maxremind Exclusive Rules Engine boosts up physician revenues by rationalizing the information flow. It radically enhances the employee’s efficiency by eradicating considerable labor-intensive handling of patient information, Superbills, and EOBs. It reduces the IT costs with adaptable, reliable and available applications.

Maxremind keeps its Practitioners well-informed

We at maxremind keep our practitioners up-to-date about their practice and medical billing advancements by providing them scheduler, claim tracking reports, customized financial reports, fee schedules, Medicare preventive care alerts and much more on the provider portal which can be accessed 24/7.