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Home Health Software

Maxremind provides state of the art Home Health Software to automate every process needed in home care.

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Home Health Software

Many people entail consistent medical treatment at their homes for which a medical billing company needs home health software solution that can distribute and access critical information so that the decision to send a specific staff member to a visit will be the best one.The demand for home health care and Home Health Agency Scheduling Services is growing day by day.

Our Home Health Agency Software provides the intelligence you need to support the operations of your organization.It enhances the efficiency and the effectiveness of your home care visits.

Schedule up to sixty days of patient care

Home Health Software administrators now can schedule one visit at a time or up to sixty days of patient care. Our Home Health Agency Software utilizes healthcare-specific business logic to perform functions and tasks which enables it to meet the scheduling challenges of calculating the workload of nurses and other relevant staff, analyzing already scheduled visits, calculating travel distance and travel time and cost, scheduling and determine the most appropriate resource for a specific visit.

Maxremind provides multiple value added services in a variety of care settings

Our Home Health Agency Software automates and integrates personnel scheduling and appointment scheduling both in advance and at the point of care which eliminates unauthorized home visits. Also, the software enables users to provide detailed visit documentation; it empowers the providers to share real-time data across the geographical regions and in a variety of care settings.Google Maps is available as an integral part of our software on i-Pad and the website so that the clinical staff can get driving directions to the patient’s home and improve the accuracy of mileage calculation and guiding the shortest possible route.

Maxremind offers shortcut to budget savings for longtime

Healthcare providers look for budget savings when they purchase scheduling software to meet the scheduling challenge. Our Home Health Scheduling Software offers you the following paramount features

  Quick and accurate searching of new patients with their locations
  Providing the skilled healthcare professionals more tractability and rheostat over their schedules
  Incorporate the current human resource management and credentialing system to the providers