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Visit Documentation

Detailed documentation templates of Maxremind Home Health Agency enable to check that according to Medicare requirements, is service provider performing visit documentation and patient assessments.

Visit Documentation

Detailed documentation templates of Maxremind home health agency enable to check that according to medicare requirements, is service provider performing visit documentation and patient assessments? By checking these, no problems and errors will occur during billing and agency audits.

Details Agency Audits

With the Maxremind home health agency manager’s dashboards and reports, you have immediate access to the agency’s audits and can analyze Cash Reconciliation, Liabilities and Assets, Deferred Revenue Adjustment and Accounts Receivable Roll Forward Amounts. These dashboards keep the staff and administration up-to-date regarding financial trends of the agency and hence it improves profitability, cash flow and margin. These daily reports and dashboards enable the users to fain financial clarity.

Insight Patient Assessments

To bring the positive healthcare outcomes, insight patient assessment is extremely necessary. Quality patient assessment can lead towards quality care. The real-time data, dashboards and the previous record of the patient helps the healthcare providers to provide quality care. When nurses update the patient’s profile with their current condition, physicians access that latest information and recommend suitable steps for the cure to be provided to the patients. Moreover Maxremind Home Health Agency Manager enables everyone to assess the patient that what quality of care is being given to him and by whom the patient is being treated. So, insight patient assessment is now possible through Maxremind Home Health Agency Manager.

Billing process

One of the most crucial functions of the medical practice are the coding and medical insurance billing and for it streamlined process, time and dedicated human resource is required. Maxremind Inc. provides the home health software to automate every single process which is involved in homecare even the billing process has made automated. With significantly reduced cost, IT platform of our Maxremind Inc. provides you effortless Medicare audits, timelier revenue and timely change management adaptations. Electronic billing has enabled the home health agencies to carry out the billing process more easily and efficiently.

Calculating the workload and cost

Automated system for scheduling is beneficial and cost-effective because it reduces costs by maximizing schedules. Small agencies cannot only afford to pay employees for working overtime but also these cannot track the extra working hours and calculate the payment for overtime because this process is very time-consuming. If the agencies automate their systems, then this problem can be solved as automating systems enhances scheduling and increase and maximize each employ day which reduces overtime duties of the employees. Maxremind Inc provides you with the home health agency software that integrates and combines appointment scheduling and personnel scheduling and automates them for the future and also at the point of care. By providing real time data regarding travel cost, travel distance and travel time, it enables the users to manage work load and cost and also by appointing suitable and appropriate care providers at the suitable place.