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Request Anticipated for Payments

Than any other type of provider, Home Health Agencies face much complex and monotonous requirements to bill Medicare.

Request Anticipated for Payments

Than any other type of provider, Home Health Agencies face much complex and monotonous requirements to bill Medicare. This is because “where” patients are receiving care and not because patients receiving the care in home health setting, is different from the care that would deliver in traditional healthcare environment. Provider organizations have low control over factors, when providing care outside of healthcare setting or facility like onsite medication, access to medical tools, devices and direct care supervision. This is the main reason why Home Health Agencies are reimbursed differently than other health care providers. So, Maxremind’s Home Health Agency Manager enables you to deal with billing by its powerful designed features.

Real time eligibility verification

To lay the foundation for the full reimbursement cycle, Maxremind Home Health Software verifies the patient eligibility for a home health episode, automatically. You only need is to enter the personal information such as name, birth date, gender and Medicare beneficiary of the patient and the coverage information. This software provides you the real-time access for verification and eligibility.

OASIS (Outcome and Assessment Information Set)

If an agency fails to submit accurate OASIS data it may face the risk of losing money and chance for improving the reputation of quality care. And if this OASIS data is not submitted on time, then penalties can be applied on the payments. In order to mitigate these problems, Maxremind Home Healthy Agency Software automatically completes and submits the OASIS data on time and oils the cycle of revenue to run faster. Maxremind Home Health Agency Software with its designed OASIS tool that tracks the OASIS assessments.

RAP Management and Follow-up

Importance of managing the RAPs, are known to every home health agencies. Some agencies take the chances and neglect the billing of final claim which sometimes leads towards loss. Maxremind Home Health Agency Manager handles and manages the Request for Anticipated Payments and follow-ups by its automated system which gives timely alerts. Electronic Health Records Systems and patient accounting software cannot manage accurate reporting and Medicare payments data analysis but Maxremind Home Health Software can deliver you full assistance in this regard and provides high returns.

RAP claims payment

Maxremind Home Health Agency Software eases the Medicare billing procedure for your agencies by providing you with the feature of claims collection tool. Firstly, it automatically checks the patient eligibility information to avoid overlapping in episodes, but if some overlapping occurs and if you receive rejection, then it alerts the users and claim is then corrected. Home Health Agencies can bill the final claim to Medicare, when the episode of care is completed. Ensure successful bill reimbursements by using our Home Health Agency Manager.