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Medical Billing Services Arkansas

MaxRemindMaxRemind is a medical billing company serving physicians around the globe with quality services for very reasonable and flexible charges. We offer our services in all states of the USA including Arkansas. Our medical billing professionals and coders are present in all major places of Arkansas and are ready to deliver you the best services anytime. We are present in all the main cities like little rock, Fort Smith, Fayetteville, and Springdale. We have deep eyes on the challenges and difficulties of physicians practicing in Arkansas so we have developed an exclusive strategic approach to meet their needs.

Why Outsource With MaxRemind

We are specialized in modern billing terms and conditions and know the ways of collecting maximum from the claims. We are here in the industry for decades and have proved our existence. We can increase your revenues by 23%-28% more than average. Our claims are processed within real-time and cash collection is completed within minimum time. Our first submission success proportion is 98%. We process completely with accurate codes. We make each claim customized as per bills need. Periodic reports are generated to view the health of practice as well to reconcile cash collection with receivable amounts. We take all steps in consideration to streamline your practice and to boost your revenue.

Simple Error Free & Accurate Billing

MaxRemind is serving medical practitioners from decades with the determined energies to get them up-and-coming. Our billers and coders are always busy making the billing process more simple and modest. We customize each bill and forward it with complete documentation and assessment with error free and accurate codes. We know the value of accuracy in billing as it is crucial for getting paid. Our automated RBS tool detects each error automatically and our team promptly corrects all issues. We make sure that all bills are correct, complete, properly documented, accurately coded, and are not duplicated. All these precautionary measures result will increase productivity and boost revenue.

Developed, Adapted, and Automated Facilities

Technology has placed a great and positive impact on the field of medical billing and coding. In fact technology adoption has makes the billing process easy, fast and accurate. Ultimately practice's production and income increase. We have developed automated software for the practice management and billing operation. You can manage all your administrative work by simple clicks and organized and schedule your work through personalizing the dashboard facility by our software. You can calculate all the costs and can also track your billing by your system. Reports are generated to check the health of your practice and also to reconcile accounts.

Widespread Practice Management Assistance

We are not only a billing company but a complete and comprehensive solution for your whole medical practice. If you are new or want to separate your practice, we are here to completely assist you in all practice matters. We offer all administrative tasks and support you to establish a full-fledged medical practice. We will manage all your work from the initial patient's appointment, scheduling, documentation, cost calculation, and call reminders for follow up. Our team will do all the administrative work on your behalf to keep you free for patients care.

MaxRemind will Increase Practice Revenue

WeMaxRemind by utilizing technology has makes a perfect solution to increase your income fast. Our revenue cycle starts with the patient's check-in and completed on the release of payments from insurances. Our step by step process includes entering of all patients’ data in our system, prior verification of insurance coverage, accurate error free coding, real-time claim submission, tracking each claim and effective follow up by our billers and coders. Our billers and coders work for each dollar you owe and consider all outstanding bills to get immediate and full payments.

Credentialing in Minimum Turnaround Time

Credentialing is the most important step for establishing a practice and turning that in a profitable source of income. Credentialing is a very complex and time-consuming process and requires e sequence of steps to get it completed. Our credentialing turnaround time is very low as compare to others. We know all laws and requirements of getting you enrolled with insurance companies. Our billers and coders do all your paperwork from arranging the documents needed according to their priorities. We make you enroll with insurance authorities in the state and make the billing process legal and simple. Whenever you upgrade your specialization, we do re-credentialing for you.

Compliance with HIPPA

Compliance is a basic and vital requirement for medical practice and billing too. We know the value and importance of being compliance. Our billers and coders are knowledgeable and skilled to observe and follow the given rules. We are fully compliant with HIPAA and our software is also made according to the compliance rules. We keep in touch with the changes in rules and adapt new rules as they arise.

Make Your Practice More Profitable with Certified Professionals

Our certified professional team of skilled billers and coders is always busy in making the strategies to get you paid fast. Our main goal is to increase your revenues and we are very much focused on it. Your revenues will increase by 23-28% more while outsourcing with us. We pay special attention to the training and education of our billers and coders and keep them up-to-date with the changes.