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Looking for the best medical billing companies in Chicago? MaxRemind is a leading medical
billing company in Chicago offers medical billing services in Chicago.

Medical Billing Chicago

MaxRemind is a medical company offering complete services of medical billing as well as managing your practice. We offer our services in Chicago and in all major areas like Aurora, Rockford, and Joliet. Our billing process starts from the construing and examining patient records, defining the correct codes for patient records, exhausting accurate codes to bill insurance providers, relating with physicians to safeguard precision, observance of patient statistics, handling detailed information, keeping patient secrecy and material safety, and enhance medical transcription.

Simplified Billing Solution by MaxRemind

MaxRemind medical billing company offers simplified medical billing progression for small, medium and large-sized physician's practices. Our specialized services will help you to increase your reimbursements and there will be no remaining claim for collections. Our professional and trained team of expert medical coders uses specially developed medical billing software, which helps to increase your revenue by 23% in minimum time duration. By outsourcing your medical billing with us, you will see the fast recovery of claims; you will get access to customized medical and financial reports and increased finances with decreased overheads.

Transparency, Affordability and Comprehensiveness

Working with our medical billing team you will experience complete transparency, reliability, affordability, and completeness. We compromise the best and most affordable medical billing services in Chicago, which will grip all your medical billing necessities. We keep all your financial and medical data secure and safe. Our billing and practice management package includes full services at affordable rates. Our professional and dedicated team will process all billable amounts and follow the whole billing process effectively to avoid any delay or denial. Moreover, when you select us as your medical billing companion, we provide you lowest rates as compare to market. We deliver the greatest worth for your money by giving you quality-filled services.

Accurate Coding With Real-Time Claim Submission

With the decades of proved services and experience, MaxRemind provides you robust medical billing services competently and efficiently no matter what kind of specialty, you are serving and what size of your practice may be. Our expert medical billing professionals and coders give accurate codes to the bills after a complete and deep analysis of the provider's diagnosis. Our medical billing experts go a step ahead to minimize the chances of delays and denials by taking prior verification of insurance claims. Time also matters a lot in reimbursement; we proceed all claims in real-time and effectively follow each claim until you receive a complete reimbursement.

Complete and Comprehensive Revenue Cycle Management

Our Revenue Cycle Management process is a complete systematic procedure that accomplishes claims handling, compensation and income generation. Our billers and coders cater to all your claims, billable amounts, old receivables and each dollar you owed for the services you rendered. We take full care of your claims, revenue generations, and accounts. Our revenue cycle starts with the initial patient's appointment and ends when you get a complete reimbursement. Our claim reimbursement time duration is minimum from all other companies. Additionally, our first-time submission success rate is more than 98%.

Providers Credentialing

MaxRemind knows the value and worth of providers credentialing in the field of physicians and we provide the best credentialing services to the physicians of the USA. We provide customized credentialing services and manage the whole documentation process. We make you register with insurance companies and regulatory authorities in minimum time. Whenever you upgrade your certification and specialization, we offer you re-credentialing. Consult with MaxRemind and get the best credentialing services for your newly started practice or if you are expending your practice.

Amplified Compliance

MaxRemind is fully abode by the laws and completely compliant with HIPAA rules and directives. We keep full secrecy for the providers as well as patient's records and keep all records safe for future use. Our software is also compliant with the rules and we keep it up-to-date. We keep our staff well aware of the changing rules and maintain our software accordingly. Regular internal and external audits organize by our team ensure compliance and make you free from the legal issues and litigation.

Technological Assistance for Practice Management

Technology has changed the whole working of medical billing. By adoption of the latest technological tools, we are delivering you the best result oriented and outclass services. We have developed our software that can be downloaded as an app on your android or iOS device. With easy and simple steps, you can get complete management and account assistance through this cloud-based technology. You can have a complete picture of your practice health and your finances anytime and anywhere. All of your administrative and account related work can be handled easily by this system. Therefore, it helps you to not only optimizing productivity and increasing cash but can also cut your expenses.