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Medical Billing Columbus, Oh

MaxRemind is a medical billing and practice management company that has a range of Revenue Cycle Management services to hospitals, home healthcare businesses and physician practices so that you can focus on what your actual job is, which is conveying health care facilities to the patients. We have one of the maximum complete Revenue Cycle Management services inside the industry at one of the first-rate cost proposition. Revenue Cycle technique, which begins well earlier than the patient has set his /her foot inside the door and does not prevent until each remaining dime has been accrued. With the best blend of services and technology, we are present in the state of Columbus, OH and all-important counties of the state like Delaware, Fairfield, and Franklin.

Value Packed Excellent Services

MaxRemind is constantly enduring first-rate performance to ensure that our teams are constantly on the pinnacle of the ever-converting billing policies. We need to supply you bursting first-rate services to make your health exercise successful and ironic. Therefore, we now not only grow your sales but also decrease your overhead prices and increase your overall performance. Our services consist of clinical billing, consulting, medical credentialing, payment posting processing, insurance management, appeals processing, denials and patient statements.

Exceptional Technical Advancement

We have worked restlessly and enthusiastically to expand a strong cloud predominantly based software program that meets all needs of the billing and practice control troubles and can make actual-time access to the money owed and statistics easy for you. We have evolved tools to efficiently analyze claims statistics to perceive styles that result in denials and attach them proactively. We are constantly making investment assets in growing new technological gear to make the Revenue Cycle more efficient. Technology adoption has made the system of billing speedy and we can collect entire reimbursement fast. All of your practice control can be dealt with and can be controlled with simple steps. You can control documentation, future scheduling, account coping with, residence health enterprise charges, patients' appointments and much greater in our software.

Proficient, Skilled and Dedicated Team of Billers and Coders

A proficient and skilled team of billers and coders can add a sufficient amount in your cash funds. We have the best staff of skilled, efficient and able billers and coders that customized each bill and follow that bill with proper documentation and accurate codes along with the real-time submission. They are very well versed with all prevailing ICT codes for each bill. We keep them knowledgeable about changing rules, laws, and codes through extensive training programs, workshops, and seminars. Our staff is experienced in handling each specialty including Oncology, Radiology, Dermatology, Ophthalmology, ASC, Hospital Outpatient, Home health care and all more perfectly and effectively.

Most Comprehensive Revenue Cycle Management

We offer one of the maximum comprehensive Revenue Cycle Management services inside the enterprise at one of the quality value proposition. Our Revenue Cycle process starts nicely before the affected person has set his/her foot within the door and does no longer prevent until every final dime has been accrued. MaxRemind plays a massive position in taking up the old accounts receivables that on occasion deserve even more focus than present-day A/R to remedy nicely. Most denied claims are a result of mistakes completed up the front, earlier than the sufferers are even seen or treatments are rendered. Benefits investigation has become a necessary part of any exercise that renders excessive dollar offerings. Many practices do not have the assets to dedicate to and critical part of the Revenue Cycle. We excel in revenue cycle management.

Simple and Customized Billing

Simple and customized solution for each billing claim is as essential as accurate coding. We know that every practice and every specialty needs to treat differently because of its unique requirements. Our team takes each billable claim contrarily as per its requirements. One of the methods of utilization control is to impose time-ingesting earlier authorization necessities from pharmacy to diagnostics to high dollar drug cures. If you are a hospital or a doctor exercise seeing either remedy delays or prior authorization denials, speak to us these days to look at how our prior authorization provider can put off those denials. In the sector of medical billing and Revenue Cycle, Time worth a lot. Healthcare Organizations of all sizes have constrained assets and are targeted on chasing claims turn into coins. Our simplified and customized billing will get you paid fast and you will gather each of your dollars.

Increase Revenue with Complete Transparency

We have a record of accomplishment of getting the claims payment very fast and within the first submission and we assure you instant and robust cash increase and income generation. Additionally, our digital clinical billing carrier has one of the lowest rejection costs inside the industry, so you can have fewer unpaid coverage claims. Our clinical billing provider is net-primarily based so that you have 24/7 access to your statistics. That means you may view the actual-time edging of everything of your clinical billing and insurance claim cycle anytime, anywhere. With our digital scientific billing provider, you may get the right of entry to reviews in actual-time.

Amplified Credentialing Services and Compliance

Credentialing is important for optimizing your revenue. Whether you want help with your profile, government payers or their managed care companies, or commercial payers, our credentialing. Our specialists can navigate via the process towards getting your programs permitted by payers. Each payer units its very own qualifications after which structure its process to make sure that the providers meet those qualifications. We know the exact value of compliance following. Our whole procedure of billing, practicing, cash collection, credentialing and all other related matters are fully compliant with HIPAA along with our software.