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Looking for the best medical billing companies in Idaho? Our team have the knowledge
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Medical Billing in Idaho

Grow your medical practice in the state of Idaho with the best medical billing and practice management services. We handle all billing and practice management tasks, process all your claims and take good care of your finances. We have complete knowledge and skills of technical tools that are essential in modern medical billing. Our professional medical billing experts and coders offer their services in all major places of Idaho including Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Idaho Falls, and Pocatello.We assist your team in all internal issues of your practice with state of the art technology. We are serving physicians from the decades with the same enthusiasm and dedication.

Why Choose MaxRemind to Outsource your Medical Billing

MaxRemind is the name of trust and reliability. We provide customized services to the practitioners of all specialties after assessing their unique needs. Our main focus is on enhancing your revenues by gathering maximum collectible reimbursement. If you are new in the field and want to start your practice in Idaho, we will assist you in all stages of establishing your practice. Our billers and coders complete all administrative work on your behalf and handle all legal and organizational issues. This will give you more time to focus on the health of your patients.

MaxRemind Best Practice Management Services

We are not only your billing partner but will give you comprehensive aid on practice management. Our cloud-based automated software equipped with all types of management services. DA manager allows you to manage your patients from their initial enrollment to appointment and cash reimbursement. You can maintain your schedule, note down appointments and even automated reminders by text or calls can be done with a personal dashboard. All reports including medical and financial reports can be generated and viewed by our automated software occasionally.

Prompt Claim Submission and Effective Follow Up

We value time and believe in time organization. So our billers and coders after eligibility verification of each claim, forward the claim immediately. Precision is our core preference and our billers and coders do accurate and precise coding of the claims to avoid delays and denials of claims. After correct coding and claim submission, the RBS tool scans the bill automatically to detect any error. If any error appears, our billers immediately remove that and proceed with an error-free claim. We do an effective follow-up for each bill until the full amount is reimbursed.

Get Paid Fast without Denials

Due to accurate coding and timely billing, MaxRemind has a very low denial rate for the claims. Our first-time submission success rate is 98% which is very marvelous. We follow each claim until it is fully paid which is the reason for the greater revenue collection of our physician. We keep our staff well educated and trained with all rules and codes. Our billers and coder stay alert with all new changes in the regulations and codes. You will see an immediate increase in your revenues by outsourcing your medical billing with us.

Best Revenue Cycle Management

MaxRemind medical billing company has designed and developed an operative revenue cycle that will increase your income and will decrease your expenses. We follow the claim electronically hence diminishing the extra cost of human efforts. Prior verification of insurance coverage by our billers keeps the chances of denials and refusals away. Accurate coding and follow up makes the process speedier and you get fast and complete reimbursement of your bills. Financial reports are provided to reconcile the accounts and keep the record of all revenues.

Enhanced Compliance

We promote and support an atmosphere and subculture of compliance. MaxRemind confirms that all the billing will be done under compliance with HIPAA. We keep our staff and software fully abide by the compliance rules. We encourage internal and external audits and periodically held audits to check to ensure compliance follow up.

Improved Credentialing

MaxRemind offers an enhanced credentialing for your practice in Idaho. We make you enroll with authoritative institutions and insurance companies to create a smooth and even route for your practice in the state. We will enroll you with the maximum number of payers and insurers to make you noted throughout the state’s insurer. As you upgrade your certification and specialization, our re-credentialing facility will enhance your value and worth within insurers as well as new and old patients.

Certified, Motivated and Skilled Medical Billing Professionals

MaxRemind built an adorable physician's confidence upon its tremendous services. All of this becomes possible because of our motivated, skilled and proficient staff. Our medical billing professionals and coders are fully skilled and expert in their work. They study the specific needs of a medical provider and make a unique strategy to meet your professional needs. We pay extra attention to the training and technical knowledge of our staff and keep them alert with all new changes. We care for our physician's financial and administrative needs so they can pay more attention to patients.